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96 Printable Charades Ideas for Kids

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If you want some fun and easy charades ideas for kids, then you have come to the right spot! I have the perfect printable set of charades cards just for you.

charades ideas for kids

Playing charades is such a fun and simple game to play in any setting. You can use these as a party game for kids, as an ice breaker in a classroom, as a family game night or however you want!

Charades are more than just great fun, though!  There are benefits to children, too!  Did you know that charades can help teach children important skills?  Kids can learn problem solving by trying how to act out the word so others can solve it.  Charades can help kids develop their motor skills. It also helps them increase their non-verbal communication skills.

This set of printable charades ideas is for younger kids with easy to act out and guess words. It includes 96 fun ideas on word cards with pictures. The pictures make it perfect for younger children who are not great at reading yet, too! But really, kids of all ages will have fun with the game of charades.

Sometimes the hardest part of playing charades is coming up with a word list. Well, the hard work is done for you! To use these charades word cards, just print then cut and thy are ready to play!

How to Play Charades with Kids:

If you’ve never played a classic game of charades, where have you been all of your life? Just kidding.

It’s really easy to play. You just choose a word and then act it out without talking. Write word clues (or print my picture clues) on slips of paper, fold them,  and put them into a basket or bowl. This game is great for parties for all age groups or for the whole family to play together.

A few rules of charades:

  • You typically have 2 teams. One person from the team chooses a word and the rest of the team toys to guess it.  We like to let the youngest person go first.
  • The actor can not make any lip movements or sounds at all.
  • The team can ask the actor questions and they can not or shake their head yes or no.
  • Choose a time limit – 30 seconds to a minute for the person acting. You can use a sand timer from a game. If the phrase is not guessed during the time frame, the team loses that point.
  • You can indicate the number of words the phrase is on your fingers.
  • Other actions people use to give a clue about your word or phrase include filming a movie to indicate movie or TV shows.

Words or Phrases Included in This Printable Charades Card Set

charades printable cards for kids

There are several categories and topics of charades ideas in this set including:

Food Word Charades (banana, apple, ice cream, lobster, etc)

Animal Charades (butterfly, frog, chicken, etc)

Science and Nature Charades (fire, magnifying glass, spiderweb, moon, etc)

Places Charades: Locations or Landmarks (Leaning Tower of Pisa, Statue of Liberty, United States, etc.)

Occupations or People Charades (fireman, farmer, trash collector, etc.)

Emotion Charades (happy, sad, surprised)

Simple Object Charades (bookshelf, scissors, crayons, candy, etc.)

Common Action Charades (washing dishes, brushing hair, taking a bath, etc.)

Fairy Tales Charades  (Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.)

The printable file is 12 pages long with 8 clue cards per page.


How to Download the Charades Idea Cards:


This charade list is available in my Shop!  You can find it here:



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