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Painted Letters: Preschool Alphabet Craft

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We did this super fun preschool alphabet craft yesterday, painted letters.

I started it with just my preschooler- the 1st grader wasn’t interested in making boring old letters.  But, as we got going on it, that silly 1st grader came over and asked if he could help, too. Turns out it’s not just for preschoolers! 😉  I had fun with it as well.

We were all painting away, having a grand old time.  I forgot how much I love painting! I really need to do it more often.

painted letters preschool alphabet craft


Here is How You Do The Painted Letters Preschool Alphabet Craft:

painted letters preschool alphabet craft

Use some masking tape and create your letters on a sheet of paper.  The curved ones are a little tricky!  Don’t judge.

Use water colors paints, or any other art medium that you would like- markers, pencils, oil or chalk pastels would all work, too!

Paint all around the whole paper & then let it dry.  Carefully peel off the tape. It comes off without ripping if you do it slowly.

painted letters craft
That’s it! Easy wasn’t it?
Enjoy your beautiful painted letters!  Have the kids create their names to hang up- they will love it!

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