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Printable Preschool Letter Mazes

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When I did my preschool letter of the week series, one of my kids favorite parts were the letter mazes.  I decided I wanted to make another kind of alphabet letter maze.  This time you follow the letters through the maze rather than mazes shaped like the letters. You can find the other lets mazes in my letter of the week bundles.

Printable Alphabet Letter Mazes

This fun printable pack of alphabet mazes includes all 26 letters. Each maze has a mix of both lower case and upper case letters in it.

To do the mazes, kids just follow the letters from the beginning to the end- just like any other maze. But, these ones are teaching them along the way. Some of them have a couple of ways to get through it making it easy on those little learners!

Preschool Letter Mazes

These Letter mazes have been perfect for my preschooler because it is helping her recognize the letters, but also helping her know both the lower case and the upper case letters. I loved watching her do them. She would stop and consider for a moment which was the correct letter. On some of the mazes, we would have to refresh which was the upper case and which was the lower case so she knew what she was looking for.

She loved doing these, and after finishing each one, she would say NEXT! She wanted to do every single one. 🙂  (Time to stock up on copy paper!)

I love it when I can create a learning resources that really excites my kids and this one did that.

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