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Dinosaur Fossil Counting Puzzles

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This next week I am going to be sharing some dinosaur themed ideas with you. I am excited to share today my new printable dinosaur fossil counting puzzles.

If you have little kids who are dinosaur fans, you will definitely want to grab this printable puzzle.

dinosaur fossils- preschool counting

About the Dinosaur Fossil Counting Puzzles

These printable puzzles include the numbers 1-10.  They are three part puzzles that have a fossil with dinosaur footprints on one piece, the same number of footprints on the second piece (not on a fossil) and the number on the third piece.

dinosaur fossils puzzles

You can use these to help kids practice their counting skills and number recognition when putting these puzzle pieces together.

Have younger kids?  Start with just the numbers 1-5 until they get used to counting bigger numbers.

We had a lot of  fun pulling in our dinosaur toys and getting them involved in the play. My kids were deciding which one had feet most like the footprints. They also had a dinosaur party looking at the completed puzzles!

Want to Download this Fun Printable Dinosaur Fossil Counting Puzzle Set?

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Dinosaur Books We Love

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How to Catch a Dinosaur by Adam Wallace
How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?  by Jane Yolen
Dinotrux by Chris Gall

dinosaur fossils counting puzzles

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dinosaur fossil counting

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  1. French unschooling mum looking for activity to his 4 year old boy ! I like your website ! full of wonderfull activity specealy for kids you loved dinausore ^^

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