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Three Little Pigs STEM Project for Kids

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My kids and I have loved doing different Fairy Tale STEM projects over the years. Today I have a Three Little Pigs STEM project. I’ve had this idea in my head for a long time and am excited to finally do it!  We had such a blast with this engineering activity.

three little pigs STEM project

I made a little set of Three Little Pigs printable figures that you can use to add a little extra fun and imagination into this activity. My youngest loved this.  She played with her houses for a long time re-enacting the story with her little pigs and the wolf.

DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: Three Pigs Figures


How to Do the Three Little Pigs STEM Project

For our STEM project, we wanted to try building all three types of the Three Little Pigs’ houses. Their goal was to make the house that can stand up best to mom’s “wolf blowing”. But you could also pull out a hair dryer for blowing.

Supplies needed for this project:

three little pigs STEM supplies

We used straws, popsicle sticks, wooden blocks, string, masking tape, and rubber bands.


three pigs straw houses

For the first part of our Three Little Pigs STEM project, we made the straw houses. We made straw houses out of plastic straws. You could do this with paper or plastic straws~ whichever you prefer.  I started by just giving them string and rubber bands and straws. My son had no trouble with this, but my girls begged for tape, so we added that into the supplies. 🙂 I love how they each came up with their own unique designs.


three pigs stick houses

Next, we made our stick houses.  These we did out of popsicle sticks and masking tape. IF you want to make it harder on them, make them collect sticks and tie them together with twine.

I let them take the easier route. I really didn’t help any of them except my 6-year-old needed a little encouragement from time to time. But she really did most of these herself.


little pigs brick house STEM

We did our brick houses out of wooden blocks. Another fun option would be LEGO Bricks. This was the quickest and the easiest house to build. We thought that was funny because in the story of the Three Little Pigs, it’s the opposite.

The Results of Our Three Little Pigs STEM Project:

I was so impressed with all of the kids’ creations. They worked so hard and were so proud of their designs.

The straw houses were the easiest to blow.  The stick houses were second. Some of them did not even move!  The bricks houses were not moveable, just like the story. However, the length of time building them was the opposite. It took my kids a lot longer to build the straw houses than any of the others.

All-in-all this activity took a couple of hours to complete, so if you have less time, I would recommend you spread it out over two days.

Three Little Pigs STEM project

Read a Three Little Pigs Book:

We love this classic story by James Marshall.

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  1. Hi Karyn! What a great idea! I have been thinking of something similar for my preschool class. My class loved our 3 Little Pigs story time, so I’m sure they would love this idea too! How old were the children that did this activity with you?

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