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Ice Sensory Play ~ Excavations

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Need help keeping cool in this heat? Ice sensory play is the perfect activity for kids on super hot summer days. We are trying hard to stay cool.  It is HOT, HOT, HOT where we live!!!

Today’s activity is a very simple, but such a fun summer activity!

How to Do The Ice Sensory Play Activity: Ice Excavations:

To do this fun ice sensory play activity, get a pan and fill it with some water and a few water-proof toys. Plastic animals, letters, insects, army men, etc. Whatever small toys your kids might have on hand. We used our heart shaped cake pan, but any container will work. Just make sure it fits in your freezer!

Put the container in your freezer overnight to freeze until solid.

ice sensory play

They next day, the ice sensory play activity get get underway! Let your kids figure out how to get all of the toys out of the ice.  We took it outside.

To get the ice out of the pan, you might have to warm the edges of your container to loosen the ice a bit. (running the edges under warm water should do the trick.

ice play
When the ice was frozen solid, my kids were ready to get to work on excavating their toys from the ice.  The big question was how to get them out quickly?
First they tried banging the ice with rocks.  It didn’t work too well and they moved on to another idea.
Next, they tried dumping salt on the ice block. It worked, but it didn’t work fast enough for them. Kids are not always patient. 🙂
Eventually, they took the hose to the ice chunks.  This worked really quickly!
ice excavations

I surprised my kids after they put their toys in.  I added in some of our magnet letters to spell their names and their age.  I told them there was a secret message and they had to figure it out.  They really liked this ice sensory play activity!  It’s one we will likely repeat again.

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  1. So fun! We recently did Ice boats, which my kids definitely enjoyed. Maybe I’ll give this idea a try too! Stay cool out there… 🙂

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