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Magic Flying Carpet in a Jar: Magnet Science

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I got a seriously fun book called: Mossby’s Magic Carpet Handbook by Ilona Bray from my publishing friend at Innovation Press. I just had to make something fun to go along with it.  We made a magic flying carpet in a jar using magnets. My kids and I had lots of fun with this one!

Magic Flying Carpet in a Jar

First a little about the book that inspired this craft. Mossby’s Magic Carpet Handbook is such a creative book. It is a guide to using a magic carpet. There are notes from a great aunt to her grand niece/nephew teaching them how to use the magic carpet they will be inheriting from her. There are fun things in it like the interpretations of the symbols on the rug and the origin of the dyes used to color it.

magic carpet handbook

It’s a big hardcover book with a lot to read inside. My kids think this book is fantastic and have read it many times now.

magic carpet handbook

How to Make the Magic Flying Carpet In a Jar

You will need the following supplies:

1 Pint size jar
2 Paper clips-  I used one large and one small)
Magnets – I used 2 round ones
Magic Carpet Graphics

Cut out the graphics. The globe is a decoration for the jar and the people are to be used to fly inside the jar.

magic flying carpet craft

Tie a piece of yarn to the end of the large paperclip. The piece should be 5-6 inches long. Attach the paperclip to the person you chose to fly inside your jar. Attach the smaller paperclip to the top of the larger one.

magnet science- flying carpet

Place the two magnets on the lid of the jar. They will stick to it.

flying carpet science

Tape the string to the bottom of the jar. This is the tricky part, because you need to make sure it is the right height to attach the paperclip to the magnet at the top of the jar. You also need small hands to maneuver your hand inside the jar, so let the kids attempt this step! Put the lid on and join the magnets and the paperclips.

magic flying carpet in a jar craft

Having the two paperclips makes the carpet move around and “fly” in the jar.  And it seems like magic since the magnets are hidden.

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