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Printable Guitar Chord Chart for Kids

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Looking for a printable guitar chord chart for your kids?  I am excited to share mine with you today!  It’s a whole guitar chord learning pack, not just a simple chord chart. It will make learning guitar chords with your kids lots more fun!

My kids have been learning guitar from Fender Play this year and loving it. This guitar chord printable set is to help them continue learning while not online learning.

printable guitar chord chart for kids

You know what I love about the guitar?  It is a portable instrument, and when you play, everyone gathers around to listen in or to sing along.

My son has had lots of fun these past few months learning to play his new Fender guitar. I have seen him gain confidence socially as he pulls out  his guitar to play in social settings. My 10-year-old daughter is a little envious and is also wanting to learn to play now. Of course, I will only encourage that!  And once she expressed interest, so did my 6-year-old!

I am hoping to have a family band on tour soon. 😉  We have been continuing to work through the guitar lessons on the Fender Play website. My daughter has joined in to learn from it as well.

guitar chords

Fender Play is a guided online learning program that teaches new guitar players. The curriculum was developed by experts in the guitar field! It gets you playing in minutes and I love the structure of it. They use high quality instructional videos (there are hundreds of them in their library) and other hands-on exercises.

You can choose your own song preferences, and it is full of great classics that I love hearing my kids play. They are designed with short, mini-lessons teaching a skill, a riff or a full song.

I love their philosophy on practice. They say the most effective practice schedule is the 3×10 schedule.  This means that you practice a skill three times with a 10 minute break between each session. They say to treat it like snacking. You eat small snacks or small meals throughout the day rather than one huge meal that lasts all day.

Practice for a few minutes, then take 10 minutes to do something else and come back to it again. I love this because I have seen my kids use this method with their piano practice with great success, too. The technique was developed by Dr. Doug Fields, a guitar player and development neurobiologist at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.

guitar practice

printable guitar chords for kids

Want to try out Fender Play for yourself or your kids?  They always have a 30-day Free Trial!  Check it out at play.fender.com

Want to download these guitar printables?  They are in mu subscriber library this week. 🙂


Want to Print the Guitar Chord Charts?

This is available in my shop. Grab them now!

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