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Snowflake Symmetry Drawings

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Have you ever done symmetry drawings before?  You know the fun ones where half of the picture is there and you have to draw in the rest?  Well, I though it would be really cool to do some snowflake symmetry drawings with the kids.  Snowflakes have such amazing patterns and I knew that they would turn out great! Also check out my Snowflake Winter Craft Project with watercolors and salt!

Snowflake symmetry drawings

To make the snowflake drawings, I found some clipart with all different patterns of snowflakes. I printed them out and then we cut them in half. This is a good step to let the kids help with so they can understand the halfway point on the shapes.

I put the snowflake symmetry drawings together into a printable that you can grab here:

Download the Templates for Snowflake Symmetry Drawings.


I taped them down on a clean sheet of paper. Then we tried it two different ways. We tried using a small mirror to look down on and draw with the reflection. We also tried just drawing the other half.

symmetrical snowflake drawings

The mirror way is a little tricky to see.  You have to get it at exactly the right angle to see the reflection and the paper at once.  So, the kids actually preferred just drawing it without the mirror. Either way is fun and interesting.

As you can see we have varying levels of drawings here! 🙂

how to draw a snowflake

These templates are also a really great thing to use if you want to learn how to draw a snowflake!

Snowflakes are great for teaching symmetry.  Symmetry is a fun part of geometry to introduce to younger kids.

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math art and drawing games for kids

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