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Homemade Musical Instruments

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We have been making music at our house this week.  We made our own marching band!   Here are a couple of simple homemade musical instruments that you can easily make with your kids.  They will like them more than you think!  And, if they break, you can easily whip up new ones.
homemade musical instruments for kids

How to Make Homemade Musical Instruments

Make a Homemade Shaker
String some bells onto a pipe cleaner to make little shakers- add beads for color if you want.  These can be made to be bracelets for little ones, or just hand-held instruments.
Make a Homemade Guitar
Make a guitar out of a Kleenex box and rubber bands.  Decorate the box with paint and stickers. Use a paper towel tube to make the neck of the guitar to make it look more realistic.

Make a homemade kazoo with a toilet paper or paper towel tube and some wax paper.  My kids liked this so much I had to ask them to stop playing it.

There are so many other fun homemade instruments you can explore as well.  Have fun making music!!
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