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Things Teachers Feel Passionate About

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There are certain things that teachers feel passionate about, and school supplies is definitely one of them.  Shopping for school supplies is one of my absolute favorite things to do! All of the binders, folders, flair pens, crayons and scissors make me excited for the fresh start ahead for my homeschool classroom! As I push my cart up and down the aisle my kids at my side, list in hand I almost always hear comments and complaints from other shoppers about everything from the length of the list, to the brands that are on it. Even some suggesting that the teacher should be buying these items themselves for their classroom and their students. I so often want to say something, to explain, but decided I’m better off carrying on and not letting them take away my school supply joy! Having spent years in the traditional classroom, I am definitely passionate when it comes to school supplies.

Things Teachers Feel Passionate About


Things Teachers Feel Passionate About

Crayons: Crayola vs. CraZArt

Why do teachers feel so strongly about some things, especially something that seems so silly like Crayola vs. CraZArt? It’s no secret you will spend more money on the Crayolas, but it’s worth that extra money for what it allows your child to create! If you haven’t already, I challenge you to take yourself back to your elementary days and color with both brands. You will no doubt understand why we feel so strongly about Crayola! Watch those back to school sales for deals, you can often find that the price difference really isn’t that much if you shop around or bundle multiple packs.


Teachers feel passionate about getting the best scissors, or at least ones that work well! Learning to cut with scissors isn’t easy and when the store brand scissors pinch and tear the paper without really cutting, it’s frustrating! You definitely want to spend the extra little bit and go with the Fiskars scissors! This bundle deal is great if you are buying for multiple children, or if you just want to have an extra pair for your child to have to practice with.


Cheap pencils may be tempting, but most teachers will tell you that Ticonderoga Pencils are the best choice for home and school. Made with a graphite formula and from premium wood, these pencils stay sharp and are good until the end. I can use a Ticonderoga pencil for weeks without it breaking. Consider writing positive messages on the pencils or student names if you have a traditional classroom to give every kid their own special, sharp pencil.

Pencil Sharpeners

Teachers care a lot about their pencil sharpener.  Getting the right pencil sharpener for all of those Ticonderoga pencils is just as important as getting the right pencils!  We have been through so many different pencil sharpeners that have just not outlasted out sharpening needs!  I finally did some digging and found the ones most highly recommended by teachers on Amazon!  We love a good, heavy duty electric pencil sharpener, like the X-ACTO School Pro, but a standard wall-mount one is never a bad idea either.  Which do you prefer?

On a more serious note, mostly teachers feel passionate about kids and helping them grow and learn through all stages.

So yes, buy the Crayolas, Fiskars, Ticonderogas, and a good pencil sharpener, but more importantly be passionate about teaching the children! They need a good teacher.

Check out my Homeschool Supply List (perfect for school teachers, too!) for what I think is essential for starting your school year right!

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  1. Lol I did that. Bought both kinds of crayons this year. To see what we like better. So far neither I nor kid have noticed a differance in how they function. Basic colors are so close to same it doesnt matter. Mixed colors beyond secondary are differant giving us more colors without mixing ourselves. That’s using both kinds. Shall see as year goes on. Now when she was under 6 and things often went in month I swore by crayola! Saw 20/20 show back in 90s that rose art had lead. Hope they have fixed that
    But crayola did not and have testing standards when they come into the USA. So be careful when those kids are young and they bite things…..

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