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Homemade Plaster Puzzles

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Do you want to make a simple, homemade puzzle toy for your little ones?  I made these homemade plaster puzzles with Plaster of Paris and recycled baby food containers.  That’s it! Easy-peasy!

 How to Make the Homemade Plaster Puzzles:

To make these plaster puzzles, just mix up the plaster according to the box.  I did it a little thicker than the directions said to make sure I got a good impression of our toys. I tried adding in a little food coloring to the plaster while it was wet, but it just didn’t seem to take the color very well.  (You could spray paint them after, though!)  Choose some small toys to use for your impression in the plaster and a container to put it in.
Pour the plaster into a small container, you could use anything, really.  The baby food containers were perfect for our little counting animal toys.
Then, while the plaster is wet, press the toy into the top carefully so it leaves a good impression in the plaster. You need to leave the toy in there for a little while until it sets up partially- not until it dries completely or it may be pretty stuck!
Let the plaster dry completely- this takes several hours. Then let your kids play away with their plaster puzzles!  They turned out great & were perfect for my toddler to do on his own!
These homemade puzzles were really a hit!

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  1. So cool. I bought plaster of paris to make hand prints and then read that it got hot so not to use it on skin. I haven’t known what to do with it but now I do! Thanks!

  2. I have’nt seen anything from you before but I love the idea, unfortunately most of the children I work with are really into dinosaurs which would require a lot of the substance & when you’ve got a group of children that means an awful lot at a time.

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