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Christmas Party Game: The Magnet Bell Game

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Are you looking for a fun Christmas party game for you and the family?  Maybe you want a great christmas party game for your class party?  The Christmas Bell Game is a blast and your whole family will have fun playing it! It’s a great game to teach about magnetism.  AND you can make this a Christmas math game if you add in counting skills!

The Christmas Bell Game- Holiday STEM


How to Play the Christmas Bell Game

To play the game you just need a few things: Magnets and Colored Jingle Bells. We have some magnet wands that we use for this.  They make the game really fun and a LOT easier, but you could do it with regular magnets that you may have on hand. The main thing is to make sure that there are the same number of bells for each color.

Each player is assigned a color of jingle bell. If you have magnet wands, the colors of the bell and wand will coordinate. Since we used the Christmas colored jingle bells, we had three colors allowing for three players. You can buy other packs of bells with more colors if you want more players. Or, if you have multiple packs of bells, different players could collect the same color and win when they have the most bells.


You take turns collecting your color of bells with your magnet wand. You can ONLY get your color on your magnet or you have to put all of the bells collected that turn back. You can keep the bells collected on previous turns.


You can keep going and collect as many bells as you want on your turn.  However, it is a risk because you may accidentally attract one of the wrong colors.


How To Win the Game:

You win the Christmas bell game when you are the first player to collect all of your bells. You could easily turn this into a Christmas Minute to Win it game y setting a timer for it!  Collect all of your color of bells in one minute!


Make The Bell Game Into a Science Lesson:

The math and science combo of this fun Christmas game makes it a great learning activity as well as a super entertaining activity for all! How do magnets work?  How do you get some of the bells to move, but not others?  How close do you need to get to the bells for the magnet to pick them up?  See more fun magnet learning ideas here.

See the Christmas Bell Game in Action Here:

I have another GREAT holiday game called The Gratitude Game. Check it out! It’s great at Christmas time, too!

Want More Christmas STEAM?

Check out the STEAM Kids Christmas book!    (Read my post about it here.)


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