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Homeschool Kindergarten with Memoria Press

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Are you going to start homeschooling a kindergartner?  Wondering how and where to start?  I am homeschooling a kindergartner for the third time this year. I think it is my favorite year!  Kindergartners are SO excited about school and I love that. This year for kindergarten I am using Memoria Press curriculum. ( I was given the set for free in exchange for a review here.) I have used Memoria Press before and I really like their products a lot. I used it for first grade last time (see that review here).


Memoria Press is a Classical Education curriculum. As they describe it so well on their site:

“Classical Christian education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue through meditation on the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. This is accomplished in two ways: first, through training in the liberal arts; and secondly, through a familiarity with the great books and the great thinkers of the Western tradition.”

So with that lovely description, I will tell you about our experience using this homeschool kindergarten curriculum from Memoria Press!

What is Included in the Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Set?

Homeschool Kindergarten - Memoria Press

The Kindergarten homeschool curriculum is full and well-rounded!  There is a large set of books that comes with it.  They include their the teacher’s guide, their reading curriculum, their phonics curriculum, phonics flashcards, art cards, a Kindergarten Enrichment & Crafts books (literature & crafts), and their Numbers book, and MORE!  If you purchase the full set on their site it includes more. I received only the ones produced by Memoria Press.

Why I Like Memoria Press

What I love about Memoria Press is the simplicity of use. I am a BUSY Mom who needs a curriculum that requires little extra planning. This one is perfect for that. I Laos love that it is so literature rich. That is important to me. It is rigorous, but not to the extent of killing the love of learning in the child.

The teacher’s guide is wonderful. It has it laid out by weeks and then each day it tells you exactly what to accomplish for each subject. It is EASY to use and has each week spread out on a page so you an see it all at once. The weekly lessons cover Recitation, Bible study, Phonics, Math, Copybook, and Literature/Enrichment each day. The lessons change a bit from day to day and give a great amount of variety to the child’s week. They bring in poetry, art and music into the lessons as well as some memory work (including your phone number, the pledge, scriptures, etc.)


Their reading and phonics program has been perfect for my little kindergartner. He is moving through them quickly and is so excited to learn letters, and sounds and begin reading this year.  The copybook and writing have fit in nicely as well. I love having it all done for me and easy to access!


The literature and enrichment books guide you through the books to read together as well as activities or crafts related to the books. My son loves the book selections in their homeschool kindergarten program! I love their book selections, too! I think the stories are often his favorite part of the lessons.

I love the art cards we have used them a ton- with the whole family! I also love the way they easily tie in music study. It is a great extension!

Benefits of Buying a Boxed Curriculum Set

If you have been researching curriculum, (which you probably are since you found your way here) you will know there are many ways to do it.  One way is to buy a full “boxed set” of curriculum. This is a complete set with weekly lesson plans. Memoria Press would definitely qualify as that.

There are many benefits of this. You do not have to do the lesson planning.  You do not have to choose the books for each subject. It saves you an enormous amount of time!  It follows a style (in this case Classical) exactly.  If any of these benefits are what you are looking for, then this is a great option for you!  Memoria Press is making it easy on us, and they are doing a great job of it.


HOWEVER, you can also buy individual products from them.  If you do not want everything included in their set, that is ok, too!  For example, if you have a math curriculum already chosen, you do not have to buy what they are using. You can pick and choose what works for you and still have your ideal homeschool year. Oh, how I love homeschooling for this very reason!

So, if you are in the market for a phenomenal Kindergarten homeschool curriculum, one that is complete and all done for you, I highly recommend Memoria Press.  They have impressed me time and again with their wonderful products!  They will not let you down.


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