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Complementary Color Art Project

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We use Home Art Studio for our art lessons. I have mentioned it a few times in the past as we have been using it for a few years now. Today’s post is a complementary color art project featured in these lessons.

This summer we started level 3. My daughter is very passionate about art. She finished up the 2nd grade level and wanted to get going right away! Ms Volin, the Home Art Studio teacher, kindly sent us the 3rd grade level in exchange for a review and giveaway!

Art Lessons on DVD- Home Art Studio

If you don’t know anything about Home Art Studio, let me explain to you how it works. The lessons are all on DVD and are organized by grade level. We started a few years back on the Kindergarten level and have been using it since. The DVD’s have the lessons in chapters so you can select which lesson you would like to do. She begins each lesson with a little story and teaches different art techniques each time along with a fun project.

The 3rd grade level of Home Art Studio started by teaching the color wheel. Then it used the color wheel they painted in the first one for a few of the lessons following. I love how she did this because it solidified the knowledge in my daughter’s mind.

Complementary Color Art Project from Teach Beside Me

This is how her project turned out. I had fun helping her with this one! Color Wheel Art

This is another project she did with the 3rd grade level.

Color Wheel Art Lessons- Teach Beside Me

If you want to see some another level, I also did a post on the  Home Art Studio Kindergarten level a few years back.

I have to just reiterate how much we love this curriculum. It is easy to follow, and so much fun!  My kids are so excited for each one of their art lessons with Ms. Volin. Now, if only we could make my daughter’s dreams come true to meet her in real life! 🙂


She has a great sale going on right now just in time for back-to school.


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  1. I have been wanting to order this since early Spring when a friend talked highly of it. My budget just hasn’t allowed me to. Would love to win it!!

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