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Mythical Creatures Card Game for Kids

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My kids have always been fascinated with mythology. They play an animal guessing game and often have a mythical creatures category! Well, when we got out hands on this cute book Miss Turie’s Magic Creatures, from Innovation Press, we were in love!  We have read it over and over since we got it. I made a mythical creatures card game based on the animals in the book. I received this book for free from Innovation Press. 

Mythical Creatures Card Game

Miss Turie’s Magic Creatures is about a boy who wants a pet. He is peeking through the window of Miss Turie’s shop and she brings him in to show him al of her animals. The pets are all mythical and magic animals, a dragon, a Sasquatch, a golem, a griffin, a unicorn, and more!  Each one is a bit too large, too dangerous or too terrifying for him to take as his pet.  He eventually settles on a black cat thinking it will be a safe bet.  But even the cat has a magical surprise at the end of the book! This book is sure a fun one for kids.

magic and mythical creatures

Since my kids have a love for mythical and magical creatures, I had to make something fun for my kids to go along with the book. The Mythical Creatures Game is a matching game with some extra twists thrown in.   Each card has the picture, name and description of the mythical creature. There’s the educational slant that I always love to throw in.  Kids can learn about the myths and stories behind each animal as they play!

There are some extra cards in the deck to make the game more fun.

  • Miss Turie’s Mix Up- everyone puts down their cards &mixes them up.
  • Steal- steal a card from another player
  • Trade- trade hands with another player
  • Wild- use this card as a match with any animal
  • The Cat- this one is the “Old Maid” of the deck. There is no match!


mythical creatures for kids

Want to download this fun card game?

It’s available in my shop!

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