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Olympic Ring Graph

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The Olympics are coming!!! Are you as excited as I am?   I have my brain on the upcoming Olympics and thought I needed to do a new post about it (See my previous post on Olympics Lesson Ideas). I came up with this Olympic Ring Graph project. This project combines art, math, and the Olympics! What could be better?!

Olympic Ring Graph

How to Make an Olympic Ring Graph:

Surprisingly, this took me a really long time!  But, don’t worry, I have done all of the hard work, and it should be pretty easy for you to recreate with your kids or students!

Here is my scratchy behind the scenes one:

how to graph the olympic rings

I started by printing a copy of the olympic rings and tracing it onto graph paper. Then I colored in the circles and went through and wrote the coordinates for each circle by colors.

Yeah, it was a long process, BUT now that it’s done, you can use my work and make your own. I will give you the easy version for your convenience. 🙂

Use a regular piece of graph paper.

Number the long edge from 1-42, starting with the 2nd square.
Do the same going along the short edge but using letters from A to Z.

graph the olympic rings printable coordinates

Print out my handy, dandy Olympic Ring Graph coordinates now.


The coordinates are by color. You just need to follow along on each row using the different colors.  We did ours with markers. You will need Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Black. You may want fine point markers to make it easier.

And, that’s it!  You have yourself a lovely set of olympic rings, plus a good (and sneaky fun) lesson on coordinates.  Grab the FREE printable and get to work!

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