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Big List of Typing Lessons for Kids

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Are you looking for a great way to teach your kids to type?  These days, with the focus on technology, needs need to know how even sooner!  Today I want to share you all of the different options for typing lessons for kids.

typing lessons for kids

If you are looking to help your kids learn to type, this list will help you find just the right options. There are so many ways to teach typing skills , from touch typing and speed tests to typing tests and games, your kids will be sure to master the keyboard!

Here you will find both free and paid options to help your kids learn the home row and beyond.

Typing InstructorCD or online formats- Paid

Typing Instructor has a fun way to learn called Typer Island. You follow a route through different lands trying to make it to the castle. It is engaging and interesting for kids. The lessons follow the National Education Standards and you can choose from various custom typing plans to help kids master the keyboard.

Dance Mat Typing Free

Dance Mat Typing has four levels of learning beginning with the home row and building on skills they learn as they advance. There are typing tests and rewards as they master each level.

EduTypingPaid with Free trial

Edutyping has elementary and Secondary curriculum for teaching kids. It is used by many schools around the country. Kids can personalize their accounts, play games, earn rewards and learn vital skills from word processing to tech readiness. This website only offers bulk purchases with a minimum of 25 licenses.

Typing.comFree or Paid

Typing.com has free options as well as paid premium options with teacher tracking. They have lessons for k-12 and teach a variety of skills, not just typing. They incorporate online safety, computer basics, and more, as well as keyboarding basics and skills.

The Good and the Beautiful Typing (a physical book, not an online program)- Paid (one time fee)

We love this simple program at our house. If you are looking for something that is not online, is not flashy or loud, but a simple practical way to teach typing, this is for you!

Typing Club – Free and Paid versions

With Typing Club you can learn touch typing for free. They also have a premium version that is ad free and has other benefits.

Typing PalPaid

Typing pal is focused in increasing typing speed. You can take timed typing tests and do exercises to improve speed.


This free typing site has a section for learning and for increasing speed. You can set up friend groups or classroom groups for competing with one another as well!

Typing Agent– Paid

Typing Quest– Free trial, Paid

Key Hero– Free

Nitro Type– Free

Qwerty Town– Paid with a free trial

Big Brown Bear

Kidz Type – Free

Free Typing Game

Turtle Diary – Free

Keyboard Climber a Free game from TVO Kids


There are tons of great options for various levels of learners. My kids love the ones that are more like a game than just regular typing, so we look for fun lessons like that when searching out typing lessons. We have not tried all of the ones mentioned above, but do like to rotate around a bit for some variety in their typing lessons.



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