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I’m Bored Bingo- Educational Things to Do When Bored

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Do your need some things to do when bored for your kids? I have a fun activity to help you keep them occupied! This I’m Bored Bingo is the perfect thing to help!

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There is nothing more annoying than your kids whining about being bored! My kids have learned not to tell me that or they will be put to work! They have learned to occupy themselves pretty well over the years. If you teach your kids at home, they are probably used to a little boredom from time to time, like mine are.

However, most kids these days live very structured lives. If your schedule suddenly becomes less full (like when the corona virus cancels everything in the country) it may take them some time to get used to this slower pace.

I’m Bored Bingo can be used over Spring Break or Summer vacation. If you have your kids home right now during the virus outbreak, this is a good way to keep kids busy while also learning!

We all want to limit screen time in our kids lives because we know the detriment of too much of it. These are screen-free activities that kids love! Download this printable list of things to do when bored for your kids today!

I'm Bored Bingo Game- things to do when bored for kids

Printable I’m Bored Bingo Game for Kids

This I’m Bored Bingo game is meant to be done together as a family. Hang it up on your fridge and work through these activities over the course of a week or more. Depending on their age, kids can do many of these activities easily without adult help.

Most of the activities in the Bingo game are linked to projects or activities on my site. I have a PDF download of it available for you to download now!

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24 Things to Do When Bored for Kids

Here is the list of activities included in the I’m Bored Bingo game, including links to activities to get you going quickly!

Learn about astronomy– Check out my list of fun astronomy activities for kids!

Try rainbow science– We have done some cool rainbow science activities over the years. Try one of them out!

Learn how to clean pennies– This is a fun experiment where kids can test different substances to see which one will clean pennies best!

Create an escape room– Ever wanted to make your own escape room? This post gives you instructions on how to make one!

Make shapes with licorice– Do a fun edible math activity by learning about shapes, and angles with licorice!

Make a snack – I have some fun visual recipes for kids. This one is a healthy peanut butter ball snack! It’s my kids’ favorite to make in our home.

Make a gratitude journal– I have a printable gratitude journal, or make your own!

Make elephant toothpaste– Say what? This is one of the coolest experiments. It will wow your kids!

Sing karaoke- Did you know YouTube has tons of Karaoke songs with lyrics? We love to do this at our house!

Make slime– I have tons of fun slime recipes on my site, including some awesome edible ones.

Read an award-winning book– Check out the Newbery award book list I have put together.

Listen to a podcast- There are some great podcasts for kids out there.

Play Twister– This one has an educational spin.

Make a music video- What kid doesn’t love singing and dancing to their favorite song? Great memory maker, for sure! Check out the one my kids and I made during Covid! 🙂

Try origami– Make a basketball origami game, or try origami jumping frogs. I also have a light-up origami firefly!

Camp in the living room- or in your back yard! This is a great activity to do anytime of year with kids!

Make a coin battery– – using just some coins you can power up a light bulb! cool, right?

Have a photo shoot- let your kids dress up in fun clothes and photograph each other.

Draw or paint– I have a whole bunch of fun art projects kids can do on my site. Have artsy kids? they’ll love this.

Make a fortune teller– Kids love making these fortune tellers (also called cootie catchers). Plus all you need to do this are a few pieces of paper!

Try a new book series– I have a whole bunch of book lists on my site for all different ages & levels.

Solve brain teasers- You can find tons of cool ones online with a quick search.

Make a toy penny spinner– One of our favorites- this is a simple homemade toy!

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I'm Bored Bingo- things to do when bored for kids

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