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Printable Left Right Story for Christmas Party Games

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Merry Christmas!  Are you looking for a fun party game for your next Christmas party?  Try the Christmas Left Right Story game. I have three printable stories for you!  If you have never played this game before, you are in for treat!  It is so much fun and a great addition to any holiday party!

Christmas left right story party game

What is the Christmas Left Right Story Game?

The Christmas Left Right game is gift passing game played with a wrapped gift in everyone’s hand. It is typically done at parties with large groups with a white elephant gift exchange or other small secret Santa type presents. My friends and I like to do a favorite things gift exchange each December. This works well with the Left Right story!  This present game could be used on Christmas Eve with big family groups or even on Christmas morning with your kids!

Everyone sits in a circle. The party host reads a special Left Right Christmas story aloud.  Through the story the words Left and Right are used frequently. Each time one of these words is said in the story, the gifts are passed in the direction said.

You will continue to pass gifts around the circle left and right and left and right. The gifts will move all around the room.  By the end of the story, you will get to open the gift you are holding. You will definitely get the RIGHT present for you, not just a LEFT over gift!

This Left Right Christmas game could also be played in classroom parties with smaller items like candy bars, cookies, or small treats from the teacher. 

I have three different Left Right Stories that I created for you to use this holiday season!  There is one called the Great Christmas Gift Quest about the Right family’s Christmas party.  The second story is called the Nativity Journey and is about a journey through the nativity story complete with wise men and shepherds.  The third story is a Santa’s Silly Spectacle and is about some mix ups with Santa Claus and the elves in the workshop right before Christmas. 

Within each story, I capitalized the words Right and Left in the stories so they are easy to spot. As the Christmas stories are read, you should enunciate these words so they are not missed in the Christmas game. 

This is such a fun Christmas gift exchange game. It is great for little kids and Feel free to download your copy now!

Download the Christmas LEFT RIGHT Story Game Now! 

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