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Educational Earth Day Activities for Kids

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Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd.  We love to celebrate Earth day around here and always try to find fun & educational Earth Day activities to do to commemorate the day.

The first Earth Day was in 1970 to teach about environmental issues, and has been growing in popularity since!

I have lots of interesting & educational Earth Day activities you can use to teach kids at home or in your classroom about this day. I hope you find something to add to your lesson plans!

Earth Day Math:

Have an earth themed math lesson with these Earth Fractions: Earth Day Math

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Try this fun Earth Day Scavenger Hunt!

Solar Earth Day Activities:

solar powered car earth day activity

Make a Solar Powered Car out of Legos & learn about solar energy.

Solar Still- earth day science activity

Use the power of the sun to make this Homemade Solar Still

Geology Earth Day Activities:

geology earth day activity

This Printable Geology Rock Cycle Game is a great way to teach about how rocks are made!

soil layers or horizons dirt cup activity

Try making these tasty Edible Earth Soil Layers Dirt Cups

edible earth core- earth day project

Taste the earth as you build it with this awesome Edible Layers of the Earth project.

Try this cool Rock Identification Experiment! 

dirt battery earth science

Did you know the earth can create power?  Try this amazing Make a Dirt Powered Battery

volcano science

Learn How to do an Awesome Volcano Science Project

Water Themed Earth Day Activities:

oil spill- earth day science activity

Learn how to Clean water in the ocean with this Environmental Science: Oil Spill Clean Up Experiment

water filtration experiment

Clean up the water with this cool Water Filtration Experiment!

water chemistry experiment

Try some water testing with this Water Chemistry Experiment with at Home Water Testing

Weather Related Activities for Earth Day

Learn about wind power with this Homemade Wind Vane.

Try this Homemade Thermometer Science Experiment to learn more about weather!

Nature and Plant Activities for Earth Day

How To Identify Plants On a Nature Walk

Plant a vegetable garden with your kids, then measure the growth of plants with this Garden Growth Chart.

nature study- earth day activity

Nature Study Notebooking is a great way to study and reflect on the beauties of this Earth!

nature earth science

Dandelion Life Cycle Learning is a great nature themed activity for this day!

Spring Nature Scavenger hunt printable

Try this Spring Nature Scavenger hunt for kids.

compost in a jar experiment plus printable list

Learn all about composting with this activity: Compost Science Experiment in a Jar With Printable List

elephant watering can craft for kids
Make a Recycled Elephant Watering Can to water your plants!

Wildlife Themed Earth Day Learning

insect study for earth day

Learn more about the importance of pollinators with this All About Honey Bees activity.

animal migration nature science earth day

Try out this  Mapping Animal Migrations lesson -from Monarch butterflies to arctic terns!

insect hotel nature science

Make an Insect or Bug Hotel: Nature Science.

Animal Habitat Sorting Mats

Animal Habitats Sorting Mats are a great activity to teach about the animals on this Earth.

homemade window bird feeder

Learn how to How to Make a Homemade Window Bird Feeder to observe & feed the birds in your backyard.

More Simple Earth Day Ideas for Kids:

  • Plant a tree
  • Clean up trash in your neighborhood
  • Teach about recycling
  • Make recycled paper
  • Do recycled or upcycling crafts & art projects
  • Plant wildflowers
  • Start a composting bin
  • Make seed bombs
  • Make an earth day craft
  • Read Earth Day books
  • Plant a butterfly garden
  • Do a nature scavenger hunt- Try this Leaf one.

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