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Free Printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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Looking for some fun ways to save the planet this Earth Day?  Try this Printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt for kids. This Earth Day activity is a great resources for both younger children and older children! Plus it will teach them important ways to take care of the Earth. You can download it at the bottom of the post. 

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd each year. It is a day to think about how we can better care for this beautiful Earth we have been given. Using an Earth Day Scavenger Hunt is a great way to celebrate this day with kids. 

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

This printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt is more of an action hunt than just spotting a list of items in your neighborhood, local park, or your own backyard. If you are looking for one that can be used on a nature walk hunting for different nature items, check out my Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt

This fun scavenger hunt includes such things as: using a reusable water bottle (instead of a plastic bottle), recycling your trash in the recycling bin, picking up litter, turning off a light, using a reusable bag (instead of a plastic bag), changing a lightbulb to conserve energy, planting something, feeding the pollinators, turning off some water, reusing or recycling paper, and getting some sunshine on your skin! 

So, not only are kids having fun looking for items, they are learning about environmental issues and of different actions they can take in their lives to care for the globe. This activity can be a fun way to teach kids about the importance of recycling, about the recycling symbol and what it means. You can teach them the proper way to dispose of recyclables, and of the importance of using reusable bottles and bags. Help them know the importance of conserving energy and natural resources, using solar panels, how to reduce air pollution, and why insects and bugs matter. 

My free Earth Day Scavenger Hunt can be used in your own home or at school together in your classroom.  It could even be a take-home assignment for kids! This would be a great activity for any youth groups, scouts, and more! 

Just grab a pencil, crayons, a marker, or whatever your choice is for checking off the boxes. Attach it to a clipboard to make it easier, and get busy saving the Earth! Kids of all ages will enjoy it. 

Download this Free Printable Activity now! It is available in both color and black and white.

See my post on Educational Earth Day Activities for Kids for even more ideas! 

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