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USA Connecticut State Geography Lesson

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Some time ago, I began a U.S. Geography series.  Today I have a Connecticut State geography learning pack to share with you.   This Connecticut geography printable pack has helpful resources to help teach your students about the state of Connecticut.  I hope you will add this to your geography or social studies lesson plans!

Connecticut geography lesson

Facts About the State of Connecticut:

But first, a few fun facts about the state to help you with your study of Connecticut!

  • The capital of Connecticut is Hartford, but Bridgeport is the largest city.
  • Connecticut’s state tree is the Charter Oak
  • The state bird of Connecticut is the American Robin.
  • States that border Connecticut include New York (with Long Island Sound along the entire Southern border), Massachusetts on the North and Rhode Island on the East.
  • The Sperm whale is the state animal of Connecticut.
  • Connecticut’s state flower is the Mountain Laurel. 
  • The Dutch settlers were the first European colonists to arrive here, although the Native Americans were the first people here. 
  • It became a state in 1788 and was the 5th state. 
  • The Connecticut state nickname is the Constitution state. 
  • The Mystic Seaport Lighthouse is a famous landmark in Connecticut and was the center of shipbuilding since the 1600’s. It is now a museum and a replica of the one built in 1900.

Connecticut State Geography Printable Pack

This Connecticut state geography pack is 8 pages and includes a fact coloring sheet with the state bird, flower, flag, animal, a small map and more, an Eastern states regional map, a state landmark coloring page of the Mystic Seaport Lighthouse, a Connecticut info worksheet, a blank map to draw in the state of Connecticut, a map of Connecticut to label the location of the capital or other landmarks, and a large state flag coloring page. This is great for elementary grades and even middle grades.

To use this printable worksheets pack you will need a pencil or pen, and colored pencils or crayons, a good United States atlas, or the internet if you’d rather go that route.  I think learning to use an atlas is an important skill for kids, though.  We have two atlases that are great for kids that we are using as we work through this state series.

Our favorite is the The 50 States book by Gabrielle Balkan.  It is a colorful illustrated book that my daughter loves looking through.  It has almost all of the info we needed.

The United States Atlas from National Geographic Kids is great as well, in different ways.  It has less details about individual states, but has more photos and real images.  I felt like they each had great benefits and uses as we are learning about the geography of the United States.

This printable set is available for purchase in my shop.

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