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Christmas Mad Libs Printable Worksheets

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I have a printable set of Christmas Mad Libs for you this holiday season!  These are fun Christmas games for the entire family during the holidays and great for a classroom activity, too! I’ve been working through the holidays and this is my third set. I’m having so much fun creating theses little mad libs stories. This Christmas version is just as fun!  See also my Thanksgiving Mad Libs and Halloween Mad Libs. 

Christmas Mad Libs

What Are Mad Libs?

If you are new to Mad Libs, let me tell you little about what they are and some instructions for how to use them. Mad Libs is basically the world’s greatest word game. It’s been around for ages and is always sure to inspire laughter and Christmas cheer! Mad Libs were originally created by Roger Price and Leonard Stern in the 1950’s. 

Mad Libs are silly stories with blanks in them. You fill in the blanks with a partner.  One person tells the others what they need to fill in. There are blanks labeled with different parts of speech such as adjective, adverb, noun, and verb, but also things like names and places.  

The one choosing the missing words is not to know what the story is until it is complete.  Since they don’t know the story, the words they choose usually make for a very funny story!

How to Use the Christmas Mad Libs:

If you are looking for a fun Christmas activity to practice writing, spelling, and grammar, or creative writing in your language arts lesson plans, this Mad Libs download is the perfect activity to add to the mix. Using my Christmas Mad Libs is a great way to teach these concepts and more!  Plus it will get everyone into the holiday spirit in no time! 

You can use the Mad Libs printables for morning work as kids come into the classroom. They could also be used as a fast finisher activity for the kids that complete their work early. Just be prepared for some giggles along the way!  They will always give you a good laugh!

But here’s the best part, they are educational, but are also just plain fun!  So, kids of all ages enjoy doing them without recognizing that they are learning anything at all. You can print these out and use them as Christmas party games. They are a fun game to get people talking and interacting. 

I created four free Christmas Mad Libs stories for you tow download in a printable PDF.  One story is about Santa Claus, his workshop in the North Pole and the elves wrapping gifts.  One is about a group of friends making homemade gifts for each other.  There is a story about a snowy Christmas morning and there is a story about baking Christmas treats together for friends. 

This is a free printable download!  Grab it now. 

Download my Free Printable Christmas Mad Libs Now!

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