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Spring I-Spy Coloring Printable

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Spring is such a great time of year!  It is definitely my favorite season. I love the excitement of warmth returning and all of the new growth.  Today I want to share with you an I-spy Spring Printable Coloring page for you! You can add this to your spring themed lessons, or bring them out to entertain the little ones any time or place. These are not just for your young children, either.  My older kids enjoy this fun printable game!

Spring I-spy printable coloring worksheet

About the Spring I-Spy Printable:

Have you every done these fun I-Spy activities?   They are great game for classroom use, for homeschool, or for keeping kids busy in the car, at the doctor’s office, etc.  My kids love them and I thought it would be fun to put together one with a spring theme since my Thanksgiving ones were such a hit last year! 

I-Spy is like a little scavenger hunt, but all on one page. This cute spring coloring page has 18 different hidden pictures using adorable doodle clip art. There is a key at the bottom where each picture has a number by it showing how many of each one there is.  

You play the I-spy game by choosing which picture you want to search for. As you find them, you can color them in with crayonscolored pencils or fine point markers. You can put tally marks by the pictures to keep track if you need to remember how many you have found. It helps to use a different color for each item as you color them in to distinguish them better for counting.

What pictures are hidden in this one?  They are all spring themed and include:  ladybug, raincloud, leaf, rabbit, butterfly, squirrel, snail, garden shovel, hot air balloon, sun, flower, tulip, watering can, bird, chicks, umbrella, strawberry, carrot. 

Are These Educational?

These fun Spring I-Spy printables are educational as well!   I-Spy games are great for beginning math skills. This is a fun way to practice counting with younger kids. 

I-spy coloring games help with fine motor skills as kids color these tiny little pictures. 

This spring activity page is also a great way to teach visual discrimination, the ability to classify objects and distinguish differences in them. This is an important skill for all people to learn! 

How to Use This Spring I-Spy Printable Game:

  • This printable activity is a great time filler in a classroom when you need students to do some independent work. It is perfect if you need some quiet time to accomplish other tasks. 
  • This spring worksheet is a lot of fun for a classroom party.
  • Use them over spring break to keep kids busy at home. They are a great boredom buster!
  • This spring game is a great rainy day activity. 
  • Give this printable worksheet to the whole family and race to see who can complete it first! Give younger children a head start. 
  • Print this fun game out to take with you to the doctor’s office when you need to entertain kids in a waiting room. 
  • Take them on road trips or as you drive around time for errands. 
  • Want to save paper or make them durable and use them again next year?  It may be a good idea to laminate the worksheets or put them into a sheet protector and make them re-usable with dry erase markers

Download your Free Spring I-Spy Printable Page Now! 

This is a digital download and it comes in a PDF file.  It is for personal, educational or classroom use only. 

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In need of a great printer for all of these fun printable activities?  I love my HP Color LaserJet All in One Printer!

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