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From Head to Toe ~ Printable Activity Cards

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We adore Eric Carle books in our house. One favorite that we have been loving for quite a few years now is From Head to Toe. There are a few things that I love about this book.  I love all of the animals, and I love that it encourages movement and interaction. I like it when a book makes a child want to get up and go! Since I love that aspect of the book, I decided to use that to create a fun activity to go along with the book From Head to Toe.  I made a set of printable From Head to Toe Activity Cards. (See more of my book activities for kids!)

From Head to Toe Activity Cards

These activity cards have all of the animals from the book and the action that they do.  The kids can use these in a variety of ways. You can play charades having others guess whig animal you are. You can print two sets and play a matching game with them. You can Put them in sequence order of the book, or just use them to practice animal names and sounds for young ones.

Want access to a free copy of the From Head to Toe Activity Cards?

They are available in my FREE to Download Now!

If you haven’t read his lovely Eric Carle book yet, you definitely need to take some time to check this one out!  As always, Eric Carle’s illustrations are magnificent. The story is fun or many ages. I really had fun reading through on his website how Eric Carle came up with the book idea, too.


I found this wonderful video on Youtube with the story put to a song.


See what some of the other iHomeschool Bloggers are sharing about Eric Carle by clicking the image below.


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  1. Hi, I’m a speech therapist and I’m doing a unit on body parts. I found this activity on Pinterest, but I can’t seem to find the activity cards. Can you help me? THANKS!

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    1. It is in the subscriber library under Preschool. If you subscribed, you should have received an email with instructions to log in to the library. Those emails usually go to your spam folder.

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