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I love a good clean movie with a motivational message and I know you guys do, too! Given the opportunity for a review and giveaway of the movie Faith of Our Fathers, I excitedly said yes.  I always love giving away fun stuff to my readers, but I also just really wanted to see this movie! (I received a free copy to review and to giveaway to one of you!!) 

Faith of Our Fathers- Family Friendly Movie Giveaway

Faith of Our Fathers is a movie about finding your roots and family history. It is also about coming to terms with the past and learning from it. The movie tells a story of two young men who want to learn more about their fathers who died in the Vietnam war. Their fathers were the best of friends and served together in the war. All they have left of their fathers are old letters written to their wives from the war. In the letters they often wrote of their love for their sons back home. One was just a baby and the other was not yet born.

John Paul and Wayne (the sons) decide to go on a road trip across the country together to the Vietnam wall in Washington DC to find their fathers’ names.  Along the way, they read the letters from their fathers together. It shows flashbacks to the fathers in Vietnam. While the fathers were great friends, the sons seem to be complete opposites with nothing in common. They fight and battle the entire way, but slowly learn that they will be forever connected together because of their past.

This is a beautiful story!  It is a great family film that everyone could enjoy. I will warn that it is rated PG-13 for war scenes, but I would very comfortably let my 10 an 8-year-olds watch this one. The war scenes are minimal and nothing shocking or too graphic.  There is no language or other inappropriate material in the movie- and I am REALLY picky about what I let my kids watch!

I am excited to be able to give away a copy of this movie to one of my readers. Enter the Giveaway Below!


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