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Easy Homemade Shave Butter (For Mom or Dad!)

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I have a last-minute Father’s Day gift idea for you!  About a year and a half ago, I was listening to a commercial about a shaving club that delivers razors to your door. (No this is not a post about razors!) In the commercial they also mentioned their amazing shave butter that was better than anything else for shaving. They said they could never go back to regular shaving cream. I decided I needed to investigate shave butter because it sounded wonderful!

Easy Homemade Shave Butter or shaving cream- Great gift for Dad!

In my research, I discovered it is VERY easy to just make homemade shave butter. It has all natural ingredients and is so much nicer than traditional shaving cream. I already had the ingredients in my house from other homemade body products I had made in the past!

I made it first for my husband for a Christmas gift. I think it has been one of his favorite gifts I have ever given him, because he continues to ask me to make more.

After I saw how much he liked it, I have been making it for myself, too. It has reduced razor burn issues I used to have and I am in love just as much as he is! It makes my skin so smooth after I shave!

After that long intro, I am sure you are wondering what is in the shave butter and what makes it so special?!  You are going to be amazed by how easy it is. It has just four ingredients.

how to make homemade shaving cream or shave butter

Homemade Shave Butter

2/3 c. Shea Butter
2/3 c. Coconut Oil
1/4 c. Almond Oil (or Olive oil)
Essential Oils (10-15 drops)

For my husband’s, I like to use a combo of peppermint (It’s on sale this month!) and rosemary or cedar wood essential oils.  For my shave butter I use grapefruit and orange oils or this awesome Baby Skin blend from Rocky Mountain Oils. I adore the scent and feel of it!

Melt in a saucepan the Coconut oil and Shea butter.  Remove from heat and add in the Almond oil and essential oils. Cool for several hours, and/or refrigerate to harden. If you have time, I prefer to just let it solidify on its own. Once it is solid, let it soften (if you refrigerated it) and you can whip with electric beaters for a few minutes it to give it that soft lotion-y texture. If you let it harden on the counter, you can just stir it to get the same texture.

I put it in small jelly jars in our shower. Mine usually runs out first, so I tend to help him finish his off until I get a chance to make more! 😉


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      1. You could use Shea butter and almond oil and a thick body soap to replace for the thickness soap will also give it a nice thick lather
        I recommend dove unsented

  1. This stuff is the bomb! I have really sensitive skin and tried other shave butter and it worked great but I had to order it and I wanted something that was more readily available. I ran across this recipe, and I am greatly impressed. A perfect shave with no butchered skin and my skin was very soft and smooth with a great peppermint aroma.

  2. I made a batch last night but this morning it still had not hardened. I had left the mixture on the counter without a lid overnight with a house temperature of 64 F. Any Ideas what may have went wrong?

  3. Mine turned out a dark yellow color I think because of the Shea butter but I used the same ingredients you have pictured. Will it lighten when I whip it? How did yours come out creamy white? Did you use a different Shea butter than the one pictured?

  4. hi, i tried to make this and it never solidified, it remained a liquid similar to oil. If i put it in the refrigerator it hardened but when I took it out it went back to the liquid form. What did I do wrong? I am sad as I have now tried it twice with the same result and a terrible waste of money in ingredients. I used African shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and essential oils.

    1. Oh darn! I have never had mine not solidify. Do you live in a very warm climate? Maybe try reducing the olive oil and/or increasing the shea butter a bit. You can re-use those ingredients, just add in extra shea to make it a more solid form.

  5. Help! I made this for my boyfriend. The only thing I did different was microwave to melt and then I added a dash of vitamin e oil. For some reason, it never solidified! I put it in the fridge and it did, but when I took it back out it just melted again. Any ideas??

    1. I can’t get this to harden. I followed the recipe minua the essential oils. It had been setting on the counter for almost 16 hours, it is not warm in my house, i moved it to the fridge, it’s been about an hour still liquid. What do i do?

  6. Mine never solidified either and it was light brown in color. My daughter made it for her dad, my husband , for Christmas. We spent $40 on ingredients, so it’s very disappointing.

  7. I have a question – I’ve made this and it’s lovely and works a treat. But. The shower floor is lethal afterwards and the only thing that I’ve managed to clean off the grease is cif. I’m also having to clean out the pipes with soda crystals. For me it’s a pretty epic, timely and product heavy experience – I must be missing something? Help

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