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Place Value Flip Chart

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I have such a fun way to help your kids learn place value. I made a simple place value flip chart this week to help my son learn his place values a little better.
place value flip chart

How to Make a Place Value Flip Chart:

I used 7 colors of paper (2 sheets per color) and folded them into 8 sections.  I had my son help cut each section out along the folded lines.  Then I numbered each color 0-9.

You will have lots of leftover, so if you want to use the squares for another activity you can.  I just thought a different color for each place value would make it less confusing. Have your child help write the numbers, too if they are able.

place values for kids

Hole punch twice along the top of each set of papers and attach them with yarn to some cardboard.  I cut a piece from a cardboard box that was 16 in. x 5 in.  hole punch through the cardboard as well and secure the papers with string.

Under each section I labeled them with their place, ones through millions.  He has been having fun using his place value flip chart  to create numbers and see if he knows how to say them.  His favorite so far: 9,999,999.  Of course.

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