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Green Drink Comparison

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I occasionally like to share info from my health journey. It’s another passion of mine (besides education).  I’ve long studied nutrition and love learning more about it. My favorite thing for my health these days is my Powdered Green Drink that I drink every day without fail. So today I want to do a little Green Drink Comparison for you to help you make your own choice.

Powdered Green Drink Comparison

Why I Love Taking a Green Drink:

I am a really busy mom. Because of that, I struggle with having enough energy to get everything done that I need to. I have learned that when I am taking care of my health to the best of my ability, I have more energy and I sleep better and am also happier overall. That makes me a better mom and helps me to do better at all of the many tasks in front of me. You can read more about this is my self-care tips for a balanced life.

When I started taking my favorite powdered green drink, I quickly saw a change in how I felt. When your body is balanced with all of its nutritional needs, so many things will work better.

I searched the top green drinks and wanted to compare their ingredients to show you what was out there.  I will start by letting you know which Green Drink I prefer, but all of the products below have some great benefits. You can make a decision for yourself based on the ingredients and benefits of each.

I am in love with Puratae and all that ingredients and benefits I have seen from it. I have been taking it for several months now and feel incredible!

I’ll start with my #1 Green Drink pick: Puratae

Puratae powdered Green drink


This green drink tastes yummy!  (I promise, but if you don’t love it, add it to a smoothie.)  It boosts your energy, builds immune support, has a full multivitamin, plant-based protein, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, supports healthy blood sugar levels, detox for liver, digestive enzymes, hormone support, neural support and helps maintain lean muscle mass.

Puratae has 14 supplements in one. I love that it is basically all the supplements I was taking rolled into one, plus protein! And it makes me feel like a rockstar with my energy levels.

There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. There is no gluten, soy, dairy, or nuts, it is non-GMO, Certified Pure. One scoop has the equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Bonus that I love about this product: Every Pure Puratae Superfood purchased donates 10 meals to children in need.

Cost for a 30-Day supply – $88 or $74.80 with subscribe & save option ($2.49/day)


#2 Pick: Athletic Greens

athletic greens- Green drink


Benefits: It has 75 whole food ingredients.  It covers 5 areas of health:  nervous system & immune system, liver detox & digestion, efficient energy production & storage, hormone, neural & adaptogen support, antioxidants & superfoods to support healthy aging.

Also does a Give Back program giving 4 meals to children in need for each purchase!

Cost for a 30-Day supply: $97 or $77  ($85 with shipping) with subscribe & save through their website


#3 Pick: Vibrant Health: Green Vibrance

Green vibrance

Benefits: Supports the 4 foundations of health-  Nutrition, digestion, circulation immunity. Also helps with pH, energy, and stress relief.  It is dairy free, gluten free and non GMO.  It has no added sugar or preservatives.

Cost for a 30-day supply- $43.20

#4 Pick: Nested Super Greens

Benefits: Natural energy, promotes good digestion, supports liver function, and helps maintain immunity.It includes probiotics and antioxidants as well as fiber.

It is organic, non-GMO and Vegan

Cost for 30-Day Supply- $26.55


#5 Pick:  Feel Good 365: Superfood Greens

superfood Greens drink

Benefits: This one is vegan, organic, gluten free, no added sugar and has no preservatives. It improves mental focus. I also includes probiotics and antioxidants.

Cost for a 30-Day supply- $39.97


There you have it.  Now, take your pick!  I hope this has helped you find the best green drink for you on your health journey.

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