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Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas ~ The Ultimate List!

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Does your family participate in a homeschool co-op?  Today I have a great big list of  homeschool co-op class ideas!

We have been in an awesome co-op for years and it is the highlight of our week.

Learn more about How to Join a Homeschool Co-op and see how ours is structured!

How to Start a Homeschool Co-op– this post has all the info & also documents to get yours organized!

Today I want to share with you an ULTIMATE list of Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas to help you plan your co-op.  It seems like sometimes the class idea is often the hardest part. These are all classes we have either had in the past or are planning on having this coming Fall.

Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas

Preschool Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas:

Let’s Learn Letters (Letter of the Week)
Make-Believe- Come each week dressed up as a different type of character and do activities related.
Tiny Book Club- story books based on a theme with a snack & craft
Music & Movement- Singing & wiggling to fun music
Nibbles & Scribbles- Learn basic writing & drawing and have snacks
Free-Style Art- Bring a variety of craft supplies and let them create
Music Time- This could be learning instruments or singing
Mini Yogis- Creative Yoga
Creative Dance
Lego Builders- Let them free-build, or teach them a simple thing each week.
Fun & Games- play different active games
Play dough class
Wild Kratts class- all about different Animals
Let’s Have a Ball- sports class
Wild Kratts- learn all about animals and dress up like them!
Phonics Fun- hands-on games


Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas
for Elementary Aged Kids:

I Love America- beginning American History
Great States- Learn about a different state each week
World Geography- Have a passport and learn about a new country each week (Crafts & Food!)
Things to Make and Do- crafts with a purpose
Wacky-Wild Animals
Art Adventures- Learn about different artists and do different styles of art
Storybook Art- Read picture books and learn how to do art in the style of the illustrator
Fun & Games- Active Games
Montessori Math
Magic School Bus Science
Our Amazing Bodies- Anatomy
Manners & Etiquette
Little Book Club- Read books and do related crafts and activities
Dance (Jazz, Ballet, Clogging)
Foreign Language
Flat Stanley Club
Simple Machines
Children’s Theater
Creative Writing
Lego Builders
American Girls- based on the books
Brain Benders- Logic & puzzles
Home First Aid
Handicrafts- hand sewing, crocheting, knitting
Inventors Club
Walking in His Footsteps- Life of Christ
Cake Decorating
Dangerous Boys
Renaissance Minds- learn about inspiring people in history who changed the world. Inspire our kids to do the same!
Kung Fu
Service Club
Boy/Girl Scouts
Time Travelers- Learn history & do a time line
Wood working
Lego Robotics
STEM Education

Homeschool Co-op Class Ideas
for Middle to High-School Aged Kids:

Many of the above plus…..
Storytelling- How to be a good storyteller
Biology (with dissecting!)
Mock Trial
Freedom Simulations
Educational Boardgames
Ladies & Gentlemen- Social etiquette, dating skills, manners, etc.
History of Rock & Roll
Website Building
Speech & Debate
Student Government
Social Dance
Computer Coding
How to Write a Book
Social and Emotional Skills
Photoshop or Illustrator

Ultimate List of homeschool co-op class ideas


How We Run our Homeschool Co-op:

Our homeschool co-op is only 3-years old, but it runs smoothly and has been a huge success. I think what made it great was that it started with a group of experienced homeschooling moms. There was great organization and a set of by-laws set up from the start. We have a board running it and keep the size of the group manageable- around 25 families. We also all have similar educational and faith philosophies so we work well together. When inviting in new members, we interview them then vote as a board on whether we feel they are a good fit for the group.  Learn more about it HERE.

The group has been incredible for our family and we feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of it! If you are searching for your own group to fit your family’s needs, you just need to take a leap and start it!  Anything is possible!

Want even more Homeschool Tips?  Check out my Podcast: Called to Homeschool. We talk more about our co-op in Episode #101!

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  1. Would you be willing to share your by laws and other statements that are foundational to your co-op? It would be so helpful! Thank you!

  2. Great list! Thank you! However, do these titles correspond to material (curriculum) that can help me flesh out “Let’s Have a Ball” for kindergarten, for instance? Or are these just a list of cute titles and I’d need to look to other resources to get more details (on a week by week basis)?

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