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Our Homeschool Classroom

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Today I am going to share with you our homeschool classroom!

Each family’s home is SO different, so I am going to show you what we have done in our home.  Maybe a few of my things will be able to help you out a little in your school room.  I had to do some major cleaning and organization to prepare for these photos!  🙂

When I started homeschooling, we were living in my parent’s basement while my husband finished his master’s degree.  We didn’t have much space, but we were able to make it work just fine.

I had a big table where we kept all of our things and did projects & school work.  I had a small shelf for books that were just for school that I kept separate from our other books.

Our Homeschool Classroom

Last year, we moved and have been blessed with a GIANT play/school room.  I love this room so much because I have been able to make a space for all of our things.

I still keep all of the homeschool things separate from the regular toys.  I have a shelf that is just for our educational/learning toys.  The kids know that these don’t come out all the time and that they have to be taken care of and not mixed in with their toys.

homeschool classroom
I found some inexpensive old-fashioned school desks at a thrift store. The kids keep their own supplies inside their desk- they love having their own little space. But honestly, they prefer sitting on the floor.
Next to my desk I have a great shelf (also a thrift store find) with lots of small slots where I keep papers and our current school books/notebooks. I have a file box under my desk with current-ongoing files. This helps me eliminate clutter on my desk.
homeschool supply storage
Here is my school supply corner.  I wish I had a big cabinet to hide it all in, but for now all of my eclectic and jumbled methods of storage will have to do.  I keep all of these things separated from the kids toys.
We also have a ton of bookshelves in our house.  I keep school & educational separated from the kids books so that I can always find them when I need them.  The kids can look through any of them when they want to, but they know they are kept on a different shelf.
Also, I keep a crate for our library books. This keeps them from getting mixed in with all of our other books. It has worked so well for us!

A few things we use regularly in our homeschool classroom:

Stocking a homeschool classroom can get pricey. I know!  There are a few things that will make your life easier, but really, you can make do with very little. Thank goodness for the library.

See my Essential Homeschool Supply List Here!

  • Last year I got a great laser color printer.  I LOVE it!  As we all know…homeschoolers have to print a LOT of stuff.
  • My laminator is so wonderful!  I use it all the time!  I have a Scotch Thermal laminator.
  • I just got a binding machine (another great thrift store find!)  I have been printing out some of my files & making workbooks. It’s been a fun project!
  • File cabinets & file boxes
  • Dry Erase boards
  • A Globe
  • Lots of bookshelves
  • Lots of paper, paint, glue, scissors… I love stocking up this time of year when everything is on sale
  • Recycled trash- save all those t.p. rolls, milk jugs, tin cans, water bottles, and egg cartons.  We use these things all the time for art!
  • The great outdoors!!


Where do you do school??

See my updated homeschool room here!

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  1. Due to a 683 sq. ft. apt. on campus at our mission board (we’re in language studies/missions training as full-time missionaries with To Every Tribe) we don’t have a classroom. The kitchen table is often used, the kids have a desk in their room and we go outside a LOT to learn!

  2. We school in the living room or wherever we happen to be. I do have 2 school desks in the living room, along with the couches. Our computer is also hooked up to use our tv as a monitor so we can all see it.

    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia
    Ldsmom2201 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Twitter: The_Happy_Wife

  3. Our homeschool room has a table in the middle with a book shelf in the corner. I use the window ledge to display our nature study finds. The closet is filled with my crate that holds our master plan for the year and craft supplies.

  4. We have a 3/2 Villa in Florida. Aside from the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen we have a great room where we accommodate our living area, dining area, play area and…you guessed it our homeschool. We thank God each day for Ikea because it has made the room feel so much larger than it is. It is a large space but when you are utilizing it for four different purposes it can get crowded quickly. Our sofa and dining room table/chairs are from Ikea. We also recently purchased Ikea’s Trofast storage system where we are now storing toys and homeschool materials. I love this because I can keep the homeschool materials out of reach from my 15 month old and her toys at her level of reach. I also love that I can keep extra bins stored in the guest/mom/toy (LOL!) room, and rotate toys. We also have 2 shoe bins from Ikea with 4 bins in each. They are great because they are positioned against the wall and their depth is approximately 6 inches from the wall. The bins tilt out. We use 2 of the bins for shoes and the rest are for homeschool materials. We are looking forward to acquiring a third and final bin this year. My wonderful husband has built gallery ledges for our frames and will build some more which we will use to display current curriculum and artwork (I have my eye on this great frame at Target which displays and stores drawings and pictures). I love that my girls’ books will be up for them to see and be proud of and excited about. We’re still working out the details on everything, but with my oldest being a preschooler I’m pretty proud of us and feel that we’re ahead of the game here which is quite exciting. So in a rather large nutshell, that’s our classroom setup.

  5. We have an open floor plan with our living room and dining room combined. We have never used the dining room as a dining room (because we use the kitchen table for all of our meals), so we are making much better use of the dining room space and it will be an actual school space. Before it was just an emptyish room where the kids could make a big mess with toys. Win/win!

  6. We live in a small apartment so we homeschool where ever we are comfortable and have the room. I do have book shelves and bins galore with school stuff and art supplies. We’re hoping to eventually move somewhere where we can actually have some room. LOL

  7. We have a room dedicate to homeschooling. It has bookcases, reading area, a nice long toddler size table, wall art, and bulletin boards and pocket charts.

  8. Cool rooms, this is our first year of homeschool, any tips! Thank you for the opportunity of the giveaway, anything will help me this year!

  9. We have a lovely UNFINISHED schoolhouse. So homeschool room for now is the coffee table in the living room, with a big container of markers in the middle and room to spread out crafts and workbooks and laptops…

  10. we have two we run most of the week in one house while one is working,then we finish the rest of the week here– in the kitchen, and on the computer–so mine isn’t finish yet–a work in progress, as money comes in

  11. A desk and craft supplies in the dining room, 6 bookshelves and two bean bags to make a reading room in the basement, a rocking chair in the living room, a proch swing out front, the swing set out back, and bunk beds upstairs when they want to read to their favorite animal. 🙂

  12. We do a lot of it at our kitchen table (my son’s preschool/kindergarten, so we’re just starting), but we hve a little “station” set up downstairs as well!

  13. We school at the kitchen table and at random desk placed in the same area. I store our school stuff in a couple of diffent places, stuff not being use right away is in a closet in the play room. Stuff we are using now is in a repurposed wooden bar (thrift store find!!) Its a large wooden cabnet with doors.

  14. We don’t have the space for a strictly homeschool classroom. For us, learning is part of life anyway, but much of our learning takes place in the living room or dining room.

  15. This is the first time in years that I’ve had a room dedicated to homeschooling. It’s small, but cozy and cheerful. My girls like it, but we need more bookshelves! ;0)

    Your room looks really nice. It’s nice to have that space and be organized. It’s so fun to see all these school rooms!

  16. I’ll be traveling across the country from Oregon to Michigan and back to Oregon with my kids. I’d love to have that atlas! I love your school room!

  17. These would work great for my kids! Thank you for the opportunity! We have a very small house, but it has a large dining room, so one half of the dining room is our school room. 🙂

  18. Our classroom is the kitchen table for their desk and my desk beside it. We have a four tier cabinet where each child has their own shelf to hold their school supplies and books. Our table has storage benches so we store games, art and craft supplies in them.

  19. This is our first year homeschooling and we don’t have much of an area. Our house doesn’t have the extra space for an actual classroom. We’ll be using our breakfast area for most of our work that we do inside.

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