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BOOK REVIEW – Teach your child to read in 100 Easy lessons

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I have never understood phonics, so I was a bit hesitant to teach them to my son, age 5, and starting to have an interest in reading. But in the introduction to this book,  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, it said that I read, therefore understand phonics to a certain degree, in so many words.  So, that gave me the confidence to test this book out. And…WE LOVE IT! It was simple for me to understand, and simple for my son as well.

The whole idea of the book is that each lesson is not much harder than the next, so it eases them into reading very sneakily! The first lessons are so easy if they know their sounds and can follow directions. They also introduce writing the letters and words, so they are progressing those two skills together, which is said to be the most effective way.

Note: your child will be reading long before the 100 days is up, but they will be reading at a 2nd grade reading level when finished! (or above if you are using other books and reading practice throughout the day.)

Tips for success:

1. It is quite long, and takes 100 days if you do a lesson a day. If your child shows any hesitation or “doesn’t like” the book, then take a break for a couple of days!

2. If they are having a good day, encourage them to do a second lesson!

3. I am not a huge briber…ok maybe i am…but i like to put a chocolate chip on every other line of a story. Once he reads it he just grabs the chocolate chip and keeps going on to the next line!

4. When he is having a bad day, I like to use the analogy of riding his bike (or something else they know how to do well now). He used to HATE riding his two -wheeler. He would rather ride his sister’s pink bike around the neighborhood than practice on his bike. But now, it is his very favorite past time! I tell him that with reading, soon it will be so easy that he will really enjoy it, and he can read any book he wants! We test this by picking up some easy readers, or even going back 10 lessons and seeing just how much he enjoys reading them! It gets him to buckle down and work hard.

We have made it so carefree and fun that my 3 year old wants to do her own reading lessons, and is actually doing very well!

I would give this book an 8 out of ten for their lack of colored pictures and variety of stories, but overall very good and true to the title, “Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons”. Good luck with your reading journey!

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