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Christmas Tree Counting

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This is a last minute little holiday learning idea that is quick and easy to throw together .  Christmas Tree counting is good for preschool through 1st grade aged kids. Christmas tree counting for preschool

How to Make the Christmas Tree Counting Activity:

To make this little Christmas math activity I used large construction paper (12 x 18 size) and colored dot stickers.

christmas tree counting- preschool math

I drew a tree on a green piece of paper then separated it into 12 sections using a ruler.  Then, I numbered each section from 1 through 12. I used a plastic button to trace circles for my 3-year-old daughter so she could count them properly, but kids a little older could do it without this guide.

We cut out the tree and glued it onto a red piece of paper.

preschool Christmas math

Then I gave my daughter some colored dot stickers and let her count and decorate her Christmas tree!   You could also use star stickers or any other fun festive stickers for decorating.

christmas tree math for preschool-couting

It’s such a fun and simple math activity for little kids learning to count!  MY daughter had so much fun making er tree. There is something wonderful about stickers for little kids, right?

christmas tree counting 1

Plus there is nothing cuter than little tiny hands, even if they are filthy! 😉

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