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Christmas Tree Fractions Printable Activity

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I have one more fun and easy holiday math idea to share with you today! This one is a little set of Christmas tree fractions. It is a SIMPLE activity to do with your kids or students.

Printable Christmas Tree Fractions

To make the Christmas Tree Fractions, you need to print out a set of fraction strips. and cut them out. I printed them on green paper, but you could use white and color them, too.

The set includes strips with the numbers written on them and also ones without so you can choose which ones to use.

Christmas Fraction Strips

You could make it into a matching game where you have the ones without the numbers assembled and the kids need to match them up with the correct fraction numbers, or just let them cut and build on their own.

christmas tree fractions

I also drew in a trunk and star on our finished tree to make it look more Christmas-y.

christmas tree fractions with fraction strips

This activity is a great way to help kids recognize fraction values!

This is available in my shop as part of my fraction bundle. Grab them here! OR you can purchase it individually, too!

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