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Christmas Craft: Homemade Snow Globe

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I have a very fun and easy craft for you this week~  Homemade Christmas Snow Globes!  This is a really fun Christmas craft.  Homemade snow globes are really very easy and can be personalized in any way you want.  Your kids will love helping you make it, too.  We were lucky enough to get some snow to go along with it yesterday.

Homemade Snow Globe for Christmas


How to Make the Homemade Snow Globe:

homemade snow globe supplies
1 small jar
Baby oil
Small figurines or laminated photos
Hot glue gun
Choose a jar to use and some small figurines.  I used a little tiny santa ornament from our tree and just cut off the string.  I also used a Lego tree, some mulit-colored glitter, and a few little tree and star shaped sequins. I have seen people make the snow globes with laminated photos as well.
christmas snow globe
Glue the figurines to the inside of the jar lid with a hot glue gun and let it dry. I also put a few colored beads around the lid~ you could use little pebbles, or leave it with nothing, too.  Fill the jar with baby oil and glitter.  You don’t need a lot of glitter.  The baby oil makes the glitter fall a lot more slowly.  you can use water, too if you don’t have it.  Hot glue around the edges of the jar before sealing it together (or test it first to make sure it looks just how you want it to!)
homemade snow globe
One recommendation… I used a canning jar and have had leaking issues.  I would recommend you recycle a jar from something in your fridge so you don’t have the extra leaking spots, or just use a lid with a solid top.  I have had to add extra hot glue around the top edges to ours to keep it from leaking.
Have fun!  I would love to see your creation if you make it.
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  2. Thanks for the tutorial! My 5-year old daughter is planning to make one of these as a gift for her big sister. I’ve been looking at a few other tutorials, and am glad to know that baby oil works instead of glycerin.

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