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Story Starter Blocks

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I had some plain wooden craft blocks left from another project and decided to try something fun. I made some story starter blocks with them.  I have been trying to come up with creative ways to teach my son to write.  Writing is not his favorite thing to do.  We are really having lots of giggles with these.



I used 9 blocks, and painted them in three different colors.


On one color I wrote a noun.

These are the words I used, but be creative with whatever you like.

my pet


On another color I wrote verbs. These are the verbs I used:
rode a bike
slips on a banana
drives a bus
reads a book
dances around
milks a cow
jumped on me
swims underwater
rides a pony
sings a song
jumped rope
eats candy
flies an airplane
plants a garden
paints a picture
saves the day


On the third color, I wrote places:
at the zoo
at the park
in the garden
on an airplane
in the barn
on the moon
at the beach
in a castle
in a rainstorm
on a ship
at the circus
in a tree
in outer space
in my bedroom
in candy land
at a pet shop
at home
at the garbage dump


To Play:
They roll one of each color and make funny sentences, or really great story starters. They can be used to help kids generate silly stories for writing, or just for fun!
Here are some of the silly sentances we made:
An octopus jumped rope at the garbage dump.
The King drives a bus at the beach.
The Monster rode my bike in a rainstorm.
The Superhero eats candy in outerspace.


Have fun!
love karyn


  1. Great idea! Love it!!

  2. What a fun idea! That is SO cool :) Great site – following you!

    I really like your blog – I’m trying to get mine off the ground and was wondering if you could come check it out and consider following.

    Hope you have an *amazing* day! :)


  3. Saw this on one pretty thing and had to come for a look! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!

    Jill @ Be Our Best

  4. This is so awesome! I’ve been wanting to make these for the kids & I keep forgetting. Thanks for all the ideas of what to write – that was another thing keeping me from making these. I’m going to do this now w/ blocks out of their block pile & then we are going to use them at bedtime! Here from oneprettything.

  5. This is a fantastic idea. My daughter is in Grade 1 and going ahead in leaps and bounds but needs some work on her story telling. This would be excellent for her. Thanks so much!

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  6. What a great idea. I will have to remember this one when my daughter is a little older. I found your blog throuth the I can teach my child website and am now following. Please come visit me at

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  8. Lovely idea…popped over from the carnival of homeschooling. Had a quick look at your blog-you have some lovely ideas!

  9. Hi! I enjoyed reading your post today at Latterday Homeschooling.

    I really like this idea. I can see this being helpful for kids just learning to read, too.

  10. Great idea!! I may incorporate this into my WordSmithery lessons at some point!

  11. Clever! Great way to add a hands-on/game element into writing. I’ll bet your son loves it.

  12. Stopping by from No Time for Flashcards! Cool idea and surely would bring lots of laughs!!

  13. How fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday! I hope you will share with us again this week!

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