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Four Seasons Tree Craft for Preschool

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I have an adorable craft to share with you today!  The Four Seasons Tree craft is so simple to put together and is one that kids love!  (See even more book activities for kids here.)


four seasons trees craft

This cute craft is great for a preschool or elementary level lesson on the four seasons. It’s perfect to pair with your favorite tree book.  There are so many great ones!

We paired this activity with the book The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons. It is a cute one that shows all of the seasons of a tree.

apple tree seasons


How to Make the Four Seasons Tree Craft:

4 seasons tree craft


We have done this craft two different ways. I’ll show you both options.  You can make it with colored construction paper or with my tree template.

For both trees you will need a cardboard tube (toilet paper, paper towel or wrapping paper roll)

You will also need 4 pieces of paper, and a glue stick.


To Make the Tree Craft with My Template:

You will need to download the free template. It has 4 different trees, one for each of the four seasons.

DOWNLOAD: Four Seasons Tree Craft.

Color the trees.

Stack them up and cut them all at the same time so they are all the same size. Bubble cut around them with the summer tree on the top.  This one is the largest and will make the rest of them even. You will need to trim the bottom and the side of the trunk off to fit them into the toilet paper tube. It won’t be perfect, but it doesn’t matter!

spring summer winter fall tree craft

Fold all four of the trees in half, with the picture folded inward.

To glue them together, you will put two pieces together at a time. You attach half of spring to half of summer, then half of summer to half of the autumn tree, then autumn to winter, then spring to winter. This will make it a complete circle.

seasons tree craft

Cut small silts either in the trees just at the top of the trunk, or in the top of the tube. This helps secure it. However you may need a tiny bit of tape to keep it in place, too.

4 seasons tree craft for kids

To Make the Tree with Colored Construction Paper:

To make the four seasons tree with colored construction paper, you will need 4 colored pieces of paper.  We used white for winter, orange for autumn, light green for spring and regular green for summer.

Draw a basic tree template on one of the papers and cut all four of the pieces at the same time so they are even.

seasonal tree craft

Draw a tree shape with a short trunk on the top paper.  Cut all of them out at once so they were the same shape and size. Fold them all in half. and match up the sides together as described above so you have all four of them connected. Glue them together with a glue stick.

season tree craft for kids

If you are going to decorate, you may want to do this before securing the trunk to the tree.

4 seasons for kids

Let your little ones decorate each side according to the season!  Use stickers or just draw and color the trees.


4 seasons tree craft

Tree Books to pair with this craft:



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