Homeschooling Through Kid’s Eyes

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I chose to homeschool for my kids, but sometimes I wonder whether what I am dong is working for each one of them individually.  I ask them regularly if there are things they would like to change. I ask them what they would like to learn more about and try to add those things into our studies. I let them choose a lot of what we do in our homeschool. Today you get to hear from my kids. Do they like homeschooling?  What is the best part? What is the worst part? What would they change if they could?  You might learn some real truths that I don’t want them to tell you.

Homeschooling Through Kid’s Eyes


Through the Eyes of My Three-Year-Old Son


kids playing

He is a little too young for any formal schooling, but he always asks to be a part of all we do.

What do you like to do while Mom is doing school with the bigger kids?   Play. But sometimes I do school, too.

What do you do for your school time? do play dough, puzzles, color, paint, play with the animals and shapes, play learning games on the iPad.

What do you like about school ? I like to do my letters. I like to do my About Me school book. (review coming soon!) We learned about our bodies.

What do you not like about school time? I get sad when I don’t get to always play toys or be loud.


Through the Eyes of My Six-Year-Old Daughter

kid's view of homeschooling

What do you like/not like about being a homeschooler?  I like that we homeschool, because some people say that homeschoolers are smarter than kids that go to school. I think that’s because our Mom teaches and we know we can trust her and we learn a lot from her. She knows what I want to learn and we can learn a lot more than kids in school.  I don’t like it because lots of my friends go to school and I really like them and I wish I could play with them sooner. Their day is SO long.

What are your favorite school books?  I like our reading time the best. My favorite books that we read together are: Poems (We have been reading Shel Silverstein this month), Everyday Graces, Sassafras Science, Fifty Famous Stories Re-told. I like my grammar book & my Daily Reading  book.  I love Draw Write Now books the most because I love to draw fun things while I do my writing. I like to draw. and do Art a lot. Art day is my favorite! I also really love the About Me book we are doing now.

What is your least favorite school book? Math is the thing I like the least because it is so hard for me.

What do we do each day in our homeschool? Usually each day we read books together and do our school books. Sometimes we do art and make projects. On Mondays we go to our homeschool group. Sometimes I think that is my favorite day, but sometimes I just like being home better. I get tired.

What makes it a hard day of Homeschooling? When math is really really hard, that is the worst school day for me. Also Mom gets frustrated when I don’t do my work like I am supposed to until it is way past lunch time.

What is something you wish you could change about our homeschool?  I want to start doing more outside exercises. I also wish Mom would teach me to sew and cook more often. She always says we will do it later.



Homeschooling Through the Eyes of My Nine-Year-Old Son


Learning Games

What do you like/not like about being a homeschooler? I love that we get to spend time with family. We go on field trips a lot. We don’t have to be in school for the whole day. My mom can pay more attention to me and what I need to learn. She can focus on me.  I don’t like that I have to wait for friends to be able to play because we are done so much sooner than them.

What do we do each day in our homeschool?  It depends on the day. Sometimes it goes by so quickly, it is already lunch and we are done. Other times it feels like it takes 12 hours. We always have reading time together. We have our book work that we have to do every day. Every day we have some kind of extra study or activity (science project, music, or art, etc.)  Also on Monday s we go to our homeschool co-op. It’s pretty fun, but it can get tiring. I like a day off from our usual things and getting to see friends.

What are your favorite school books? My favorite part about homeschooling is reading and science projects. I am really into science. I love the Sassafras book we are reading right now. I usually like most of the books we read together. I also love doing learning games on the iPad a lot!

What is your least favorite school book? Definitely my math and grammar or anything with too much writing.  I hate writing because my hands get so tired. Geography isn’t that much fun to me either because I already know all the countries.

What is something you wish you could change about our homeschool? I don’t know.  I guess nothing.

What makes it a hard day of Homeschooling? When my sister doesn’t do her work and Mom gets upset. Or when my sister and I fight.

There you have it.  The good, the bad & the ugly 😉 I love hearing their insight on our school day because it helps me know what I am doing right as well as what I need to improve.


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