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Open Ended Rice Sensory Bin Play

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I am joining in with some great bloggers today to participate in the Rice Sensory Bin Challenge. The idea of this challenge was to encourage kids to play without any direction of what to put in the sensory bin. I love this idea because I am all about letting kids create their own play and use their imaginations. All I did was pour in a big bag of rice. I left the rest up to my kids and let them do what they wanted with the rice.

Open-Ended Rice Sensory Bin Play

I have done a rainbow rice sensory bin in the past with my kids. They loved it so much. I was surprised by how long kids stay entertained with a simple box full of rice. This time was even easier, and the kids loved it just as much. My younger son has not done much with sensory bins, but this challenge made me realize that I need to do this more often.  He loved it so much!  I could hardly get him to stop playing with the rice. He is very much into super heroes, so that’s what he chose to play in the rice.

rice sensory bin

After he was done, his sister got to try it out. In true girl form, the super heroes were removed and she added in her ponies to play.  I loved seeing the difference in their choices.

sensory bin play

This was fun too try with my kids. I love seeing their minds work and listen to their imaginations as they play. If you have little ones and need something to keep them busy, this is such a great way to do it.  I just put a lid on the box and save it for later.  The rice does get pretty messy, so I put a blanket under them to try to contain some of the mess. If you do not want rice ALL over your house, I would suggest this to be an outside activity! 🙂


Rice Sensory Challenge

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