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Lichtenstein Art with Bubble Wrap

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Have you heard of the artist Lichtenstein before?  If you do not recognize the name, you will likely recognize some of his art work. We learned a bit about him this month and did some Lichtenstein art with bubble wrap.


Who is Roy Lichtenstein?

Lichtenstein is well-known for his pop art in comic book style. His onomatopoeia word art is something that most people would recognize as well! Since he was copying comic book style, he also copied the printing texture used in these images. The comic books used a style of printing called Ben-Day Dots.  Lichtenstein copied that in his images by enlarging and exaggerating them.  Portraying Lichtenstein art with bubble wrap seemed perfect!!


How to Do Lichtenstein Art with Bubble Wrap

For this project, I printed off some of Lichtenstein’s art work to look at and let them decide what they wanted to make. Mostly they just got creative with different ways to paint on and print with the bubble wrap. My son made a stamp out of bubble wrap and stamped shapes on his paper. My daughter painted in stripes. My younger son copied Lichtenstein’s flag art work.  I enjoyed doing his sunset and the Pop word art!


To make my sunset one, I painted a large section of bubble wrap blue and printed it onto the paper. Then did a smaller section in a wave-like pattern with red paint. Once the bubble print dried, I painted over to make the rest of it.


I love it when my kids are inspired to take their own creative spin on things! They really enjoyed this project.


Don’t have bubble wrap readily available?  You can order it in bulk online or buy it at office supply stores.

Lichtenstein pop art with bubble wrap

This last one is my favorite!  For this word pop art one, I did it in layers. I printed first with bubble wrap and painted around it, then layered with different pieces of cut paper. It was fun to put together!!  I also outlined the white with a black marker to make it stand out.


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