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Rainbow Stained Glass Window

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Want to brighten up your rooms?  Let your kids have fun with this simple rainbow stained glass window craft.  They will love you for it- and it really is beautiful.
Rainbow Stained Glass craft for Kdis

 How to Make the Rainbow Stained Glass Window:

All you need is some colored tissue paper, masking tape, clear contact paper, and a window to hang it in!

Rainbow tissue paper craft

Cut the tissue paper into small pieces. They don’t need to be uniform- it even looks better if they aren’t. This can be wonderful cutting practice for your little people!
Rainbow Stained Glass Window craft with kids


Remove the paper backing on the contact paper and tape it to a window with the sticky side out.
Rainbow window craft
Continue to fill it up with all of the pieces of paper.
Rainbow Stained Glass Window Craft
Enjoy your masterpiece!Rainbow Craft for Kids- Stained Glass


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  1. Oooh beautiful! We have yellow, orange and red tissue paper suns in our window at the moment (since there is no actual sun here in London!)

    Thanks for stopping by The Sunday Showcase – hope to see you there again this week!


  2. I like how they make it right on the window. We’ve made suncatchers using this method but we usually make them on the table and then I hang them up. I think it adds something to the project to allow them to make the stained glass right on the glass and see how it is going to look.

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