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Sword In The Stone~ Magic Potion & Wands

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It’s time for another Poppins Book Nook a virtual book club for kids! This month’s theme is wizards and I am excited to share our ideas with you today.  We have been reading the Sword in the Stone by Terence Hanbury White together as a family this past month and have really been loving it!  As soon as we started reading it, my kids decided to watch the Disney version of the movie again to see how it compared. As we have read the book, they love telling me all of the differences between the book and the movie. (I personally ALWAYS love books more!)

The Sword in the Stone is a great read!  The language can be wordy and a little more advanced, but I love that because it teaches us new words as we read!  This is a great book to read aloud to kids, but not likely one they would like to read on their own until they are a little older.  This book is funny!  We had many laugh out loud moments as we read it.

My kids and I decided to do a couple of fun related crafts. We made some magic potions inspired by nature.  We mixed a few different ones and added in fun things we found in our yard. We just colored them with a little food coloring and added in anything that looked interesting!


Don’t they look awesome!  My daughter loved naming them, too.
I found out later that she took a sip of each one to see if they would work.
Thankfully we didn’t use any toxic plants!!


We also made some simple magic wands from dowels and ribbon.
They were easy to make- just hot glue ribbon around a dowel- I cut ours in half. Then using craft glue, decorate it with sequins and let it dry completely. Then you are ready to go cast your spells!
Just don’t turn anyone into a frog, please.

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  1. magic potions are the best! I must see if our library has this book as we are just about finished with the Rondo series and looking for something new to read together.

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