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Winter Nature Explorations

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Winter time is not always the easiest for us to get outside and enjoy nature.  The only thing we have seen outside for about 2 months now is several feet of ice and snow. It has been a very cold and snowy winter for us. However, this year I have really been trying hard to get outside more often and explore some of the beauties that winter provides.

Here are a few ways we have enjoyed nature this winter…

Playing in It:
At the beginning, the snow is fun and exciting.  I can hardly get the kids to come inside!  We spent a lot of time outside building a snowman & attempting a snow fort.  We also enjoyed sledding- the kids got new ones for Christmas this year.  Snow angels are another favorite, of course!

Studying It:
We took our magnifying glass out and studied the snowflakes.  We looked for animal tracks in the snow- we found deer and bird tracks.  We studied the icicles forming around the side of the house and in the plants. We listened to the sounds of nature.  We did a Winter Scavenger Hunt (found here).

Drawing It:
Take pictures of some of the things you see outside that you find interesting. Come inside, where it is warm and draw them from the photographs.  This way, you don’t have to sit outside in the cold to draw!

Walking in It:
Take a winter hike!  Put on some snow boots (or snow shoes) and bundle up warm and cozy.  Enjoy a nice hike and enjoy the winter scenery. Have some hot chocolate or cider when you come home.

Creating Art with It:
We love snow painting and have done this a few times.  Fill up a spray bottle with water and a few drops of food coloring or paint.

Enjoy your winter!


love karyn


  1. This is our kind of days~ love it!

  2. We have had crazy weather in the Midwest. 76 degrees yesterday. My daughter is dreaming of snow!!

  3. Before we moved we had tons of snow and we actually didn’t think after moving we would miss it — Guess what — We do!! Looks like some fun times!

  4. Oh this post almost makes me wish we had “real” winter here. I don’t really miss snow but these pictures remind me that I do miss playingn and exploring snow with my children. I’m so excited to be following you!

  5. Thanks for linking up the Kid’s Co-op. I am featuring your post this week on Two Big Two Little, as well as pinning it to the Weekly Kid’s Co-op board on Pinterest.

  6. Yeah, this time of year can be rough for winter. We’re beginning to get very anxious for warmer weather…but you’ve got some wonderful ideas to for keeping winter’s SPARK. Thanks for sharing at the Explorers Blog Hop!

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