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Winter Activity: Snow Painting!

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If you are looking for a great snow activity for your kids on snow days, try snow painting!  Snow painting is a little something my kids LOVE doing when it snows.

We have done this a few times.  We got a big overnight snow this week, so I was thinking of ways to keep them entertained in the weather.  My kids were so excited when I reminded them of this snow painting activity! It is so easy to put together and really so much fun.

Snow painting is the perfect winter activity for kids of all ages!  It is great for toddlers, preschoolers, and even up to older kids. Hey, I even enjoy doing it!

How to Do Snow Painting:

You’ll need just a few supplies to set up for your snow painting activity. This  winter painting activity does not require paint brushes.

Snow painting for kids

Spray Bottles
Washable Paints– We used tempera paints.
Fresh snow- of course!

Grab a few spray bottles and fill them with water.  Pour a few drops of paint (Drops of food coloring could also work, it just might stain clothing.) into the water & shake it up. The more color you add, the darker the paint will be when you spray it onto the snow. Make a different bottle for each color of paint you want to use.

I used washable kids paints as linked above. Washable paint comes right out, so don’t worry much about mess.  It won’t stain your bottles, clothes, or anything else!  Maybe just watch out for white fences…

winter activity for kids- snow painting
Bundle your kids up in snow clothes so they enjoy the activity more. Let the kids use their creativity and spray away outside!  They will have so much fun seeing the different color combinations and patterns they can make as they spray.
It makes for some very pretty snow art, don’t you think?
Now it’s your turn! Get out and enjoy the snow and let your kids try out some snow painting. They will love it!
Variation: Try this with bowls of colored water and droppers. This will give a very different look to your snow painting!

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