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Coding Apps for Kids

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My son has really taken a liking to coding this past year. He has been playing around on the Scratch website a ton since getting this book Coding for Kids set a while back. He also learned a bunch from the Dash & Dot Robots we got last year. Since it is so much fun for him we have been seeking out more opportunities for practice and play and have collected some good coding apps for kids.

Coding Apps for Kids


Coding Apps for Kids

Dash & Dot– although you do have to purchase the robots for this they have several apps to go along with it that teach coding and programming.

The Foo’s– We have been playing around with this one a ton! All of my kids love it. I got in contact with the creator a while back to see what their plans are for the future. They have one app right now, but are working on creating another more advanced one. We got to try out their trial version and have had lots of fun with it!! On their website they have curriculum for the Hour of Code being done in schools to go along with their game.

Move the Turtle– This is for ages 5+ and teaches coding and programming basics using graphic commands. It gives you challenges and tasks to complete.

Hopscotch– This app lets you create your own games and share them! We have had this for a long time and have loved it!

Daisy the Dinosaur– This has a drag & Drop interface to teach the basics of programming

A.L.E.X.– This one is a puzzle game where you have to program your robot.

Robo Logic– In this game you program a robot’s movements by dragging commands to the robot’s memory.

Robot School– A Robot crashed in space and needs to find his way back to his planet. This game teaches coding in a drag & drop format.

Cargo-Bot– This game is a puzzle challenge where you have to move crates by using coding.

Cato’s Hike– A little boy gets transported to a new world where you have to program to babe able to move anywhere.

Box Island– Kids take part in an adventure on Box Island where they play games by learning coding & programming.

Code Quest– Learn the basics of programming and and coding by playing games with different snippets of code.

Lightbot– This one is a programming puzzle game that my kids are kinda obsessed with!

Kodable– is a game with aliens who have crashed in space and need to find their way through a maze-covered planet by using code. This has an accompanying curriculum for teaching elementary students.

Tynker– IS a game that has puzzles to learn the basics of coding, then you can create your own games with step-by-step tutorials.

Udacity– This is for the older crowd. It is not a game but courses taught by experts right within the app.  There are varying levels from beginner to expert.


And to great websites that you can play on: Scratch and Tynker.

Also, check out my review on Bitsbox– A monthly coding subscription box.

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