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Electric Toothbrush Painting

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Try something new with your kids- electric toothbrush painting!  This is an awesome sensory activity that kids just love.

toothbrush painting with kids

Electric Toothbrush Painting – Sensory Art for Kids:

What do you do with all of those old toothbrushes?  Paint with them, of course!  My kids thought toothbrush painting was so much fun!  Painting with their old electric toothbrushes was an exciting idea for them.

painting with electric toothbrushes

I was a little worried that it would splatter all over, but it didn’t, thankfully!  To prevent too much mess, I set the activity up outside on our picnic table. But this could easily be done inside, especially if you use washable tempera paints. It’s surprisingly not too messy.

electric toothbrush painting with kids
The vibrating electric toothbrush made my kids really interested in this one. They giggled and had a blast creating their art work.

The only problem with this toothbrush art activity was that my kids wanted to wash the toothbrushes and use them in their mouths again.  When I saw them back on the bathroom counter, I got a little worried! Make sure your kids know this is only to be done after they are finished with the toothbrushes! Ha ha!

recycled toothbrush sensory art

This Electric Toothbrush Painting project was featured in the Action Art book by MaryAnn Kohl!

action art book

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