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The The Food Chain Game Printable

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The Food Chain Game is a fun printable game you can use with your kids or students to make your lesson on the food chain or the food web more exciting!

When you homeschool or teach, you basically can’t get enough books, or maybe it’s just me. Since we buy so many books, we LOVE buying our books at thrift stores.

This past weekend I found a great book at a thrift store called The Magic School Bus Science Explorations (I found book C, there are three from what I found online, A-C). It is a little workbook type book that has games and experiments to go along with the different books. Since we love Magic School Bus books, this one was a great find.

magic school bus science

Printable Food chain game from Teach Beside Me

I was thrilled this morning when my son was looking through The Magic School Bus book and started begging me to play one of the games in the book called the Food Chain Game.

Well, as I looked through the description of the game I thought it would make a great printable. I figured if I made it nice we could print in on cardstock, laminate it and reuse it. So, I did just that. I added little pictures & made it into a printable game, and now you guys can use it, too!

What is the Food Chain?

The food chain shows the relationship and dependency of organisms upon each other based upon who or what they eat. This game helps kids to understand the food chain by building their own chains or webs.

play the food chain game

How to Play The Food Chain Game

The Food Chain Game has cards with carnivores, omnivores and herbivores, as well as plants on them.

To play, you choose a plant card & take turns making a food chain using the different animals. There are also some free choice cards that let you choose your own animals to add into the chain. (More instructions are included in the printable file.)

It’s a really fun game. We had fun playing it together this morning. I hope you can use it in your own teaching!

food chain game cards

Grab this printable in my shop– or add it to your cart now!

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Add to it by reading the Food Chain Frenzy Magic School Bus book with your kids.


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  1. Thank you so much for making this for the rest of us! I really appreciate it!
    I found one typo you might want to know about. The instructions say to give the kids a “pint” instead of a “point.” If you live in Ireland & it is acceptable to give your kids a pint as a reward, I’m sorry for meddling. Thanks again!

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