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Homemade Book Caddy

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My kids LOVE to keep a pile of books in their beds to read at night. I am really glad that they love books so much, but I hate the mess it makes int heir beds. In an attempt to solve this I made them each a book caddy to go at the end of their beds. This book caddy is SO easy to make and it has been great to help organize the kids room a little more. Now they can read their favorite books in bed and put them into their book caddy when they are finished. Also, the fun thing about these is that you can personalize it for each child to match their bedrooms.

book caddy instructionshomemade book caddy

book caddy

book caddy instructions

To make the book caddy you will need some heavy-duty fabric- a canvas, denim or corduroy work well. You will also need a strong thick ribbon that will hold up well under some weight. And lastly you will need some wooden dowels. I got the biggest width I could find to make them the most durable.

book caddy instructions

Now I am going to be completely honest and say that I didn’t measure this when I made it. It was one of those projects that I just eyeballed… So if non-exact measurements work for you, you’ll have no problem with my instructions.

I cut the fabric a few inches wider than the dowels- to allow for seams.  Then I went to my kids bed and checked to see how long I wanted it to hang and doubled the length, plus about 2 inches more on each end for the seams. This is where the dowels will slide through, so make it wide enough for them.  Sew up the side seams first. Then fold over the top and bottom sections- pin to make sure they are even. When I did the top and bottom seams, I added in the ribbon that I was using to tie it to the end of bed.  I used a skinny ribbon, but would recommend something a little stronger. Also, you will want to hem or burn the ends. Ours started to fray after a little while.  Sew the ribbons right into the seam as you sew them. You will want them to be out towards the edge so that you can reach in through the middle to put in books.  Match them up and make sure they are even on both sides.  Make the ribbon long enough to sew into bows on the bed.  Sew it, put in the dowels, and it is done!!

Clear as mud?

bedside book caddy

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