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Klee Art Lesson

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Have you heard of the artist Paul Klee?  He is new to me and we discovered him through our newest art book Children’s Book of Art from DK Publishing. This book is fabulous!! (I received this book for free in exchange for a post. All thoughts are my own). So today I am going to share the Paul Klee Art project we did from this book.

Art Lessons for Kids

Paul Klee lived from 1879-1940 and was Swiss-German. He was influenced by the impressionism, cubism, and surrealism and used a lot of geometric patterns in his art.  He loved music and color and his paintings were often arranged like blocks of melody.  By the time Klee died he had produced more than 9,000 works of art!

PAUL-KLEE Castle and Sun

In the Children’s Book of Art they show Klee’s painting titled Castle and Sun which was an oil on canvas painted in 1928. They give some tips on how to create art in a similar style. They tell us a little about Klee, and other artists similar to him.

Paul Klee Art project

Throughout the book, they do the same with different artists and styles. It is a wonderful book to teach art in a hands-on way!

Paul Klee Art Lesson

We created our own Klee masterpieces. One we did similar to his picture, making a city-scape. I drew it and the kids helped me color in the blocks of color.  Another was done by drawing another picture and breaking it up into color blocks. My daughter drew a mermaid.

Klee Artist Study

Have you studied Paul Klee in your home or school?

Here are a few other artists we have studied and shared about: Paul Cezanne, Picasso, Monet, Pollock .


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